House oversight chair plans to subpoena 10-year Trump financial documents

House Oversight and Reform Committee Elijah CummingsElijah Eugene CummingsJordan releases a report accusing Dems of "scare" regarding the 2020 census. House House Speaker threatens to find justice official contempt of congressional security officer, ex -White House, in front of the House committee MORE (D-Md.), Is considering issuing a subpoena for 10 years of President TrumpDonald John TrumpJuli√°n Castro: Presidential Candidates Should Be Required to Disclose Their Tax Returns Hillary Clinton said that Assange had to "answer for what he had done" after his arrest, Herman Cain should withdraw from the Fed's review: NEXT reportFinancial records of, according to a memo obtained by Politico.

The memorandum, sent Friday by Cummings to other members of the committee, indicates that it plans to issue Monday a subpoena of the accounting company Mazars USA LLP.

The subpoena would solicit Mazars' archives on the Trump organization, Trump's revocable trust and any other record relating to the president. The subpoena would also require all communications between Donald Bender, Trump's partner and Mazars.

Cummings first requested the documents at the end of March, after Trump's former personal attorney. Michael CohenLegislator Michael Dean CohenDem: Mr. Barr acting as "Michael Cohen's substitute as spokesman for Donald Trump," the "Chief Distractor" has given way to an unprecedented regulatory reform of Bezos, Amazon, to meet with federal prosecutors about National Enquirer's claims: report testified that Trump often manipulated his net worth for "potentially inappropriate purposes". He asked the company to send the commission all related documents no later than April 3.

The firm then requested a so-called "subpoena," claiming that she could not deliver the documents otherwise.

The request also comes when the House Ways and Means Committee has asked the IRS to release Trump's personal and professional tax returns for six years, from 2013 to 2018, before April 10. The documents were not submitted.

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