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House panel authorizes Joot Kushner's summonses and Trump officials

The committee also authorized subpoenas to current and past Trump administration officials in connection with the "zero tolerance" immigration policy that had led to the separation of the migrant families who had crossed the border. illegally the southern border.

The vote was approved on the party lines, 21-12.

Thursday's double subpoena authorities signal that the Judiciary Committee will deepen its investigations into the Trump administration in anticipation of the high-profile hearing of the committee, which will take place next week with the former special advocate, Robert Mueller.

With the 12 quotes to appear on Thursday, the committee has allowed subpoenas for 17 people in total. House of Representatives Judiciary Judge Jerry Nadler has summoned three of these officials to appear, as well as the Department of Justice to get the full report on Mueller and Mueller himself to compel the lawyer. special to appear next week.

During Thursday's vote, Mueller's testimony weighed in on the debates. Many of the officials on the list of subpoenas feature prominently in the special council report, and Democrats say they should talk to them during the debate about the opportunity to open. an imputation survey.

At the same time, Republicans have publicly publicized their complaints about the expected audience format. All members of the Judiciary Committee of the House will not have the opportunity to interview Mueller next week. Several Republicans accused Nadler, a New York Democrat, of giving in to the House's Intelligence Committee after agreeing to allow 22 members of the more than 40-member Judiciary Committee to interview Mueller.

"We have been dismissed," said Georgia's Doug Collins, Republican at the Judicial Panel Summit.

Nadler mainly ignored their protests during Thursday's hearing, although he offered to "hold reasonable discussions" on the format of the hearing.

"I've been very lenient in allowing people to have a lengthy discussion of the proceedings at the Mueller hearing, which is beyond the scope of this markup, but I will not say more about it." said Nadler. He then added that Mueller's audience format was "an important issue", but that it "would not add to the diversion of attention from the two crucial topics that we have here ".

The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives on Thursday authorized a number of key officials in Trump's orbit to appear as part of its investigation into possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power : Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former Trump Chief Staff John Kelly and former Trump campaign director, Cory Lewandowski.

In addition, the list of potential summonses to appear included David Pecker, president of the parent company of National Enquirer, American Media Inc., and others related to the hidden cash payments made during the 2016 campaign to make silence women alleging relationships with Trump.

The committee's assignments to Trump administration officials have so far aroused some resistance from the White House, which has claimed that officials have no right to testify in court. as advisers to the president.

According to Barr, Mueller's subpoena was made to create a "public show".

Trump also spoke at Thursday's judicial commission hearing.

"Now the Democrats have asked to see 12 other people who have already spent hours with Robert Mueller and who have spent a fortune on lawyers," he wrote as part of a series of tweets on the subject.
But the latest list of subpoenas shows that the committee is now taking a different approach by also looking for witnesses who have not served in the Trump administration or who are totally outside the government. These potential witnesses could not invoke the same privilege of the executive and the same immunity arguments as those used by the White House to direct the former executives of Mr. Trump who were summoned to appear – Former director of communications, Hope Hicks, former White House lawyer, Don McGahn, and former White MP. Annie Donaldson, Counselor in the House – does not answer most of the committee's questions.

"Nothing can replace the main evidence at the time the committee makes its decisions, which is why we asked for documents and testimonials from (these officials)," Nadler said. "We will not rest until we get their testimony and documents so that this committee and Congress can do the work that the Constitution and the American people expect of us."

Republicans have criticized the Democrats for the latest subpoenas, accusing them of trying to make headlines. "We are resuming a new series of subpoenas to appear premature," Collins said.

In addition to the subpoenas related to the Committee's investigation, the approved resolution authorized the committee to subpoena documents and evidence relating to the "zero tolerance" immigration policy, the detention of Children and families and discussions on presidential pardon with homeland security officials. .

Manu Raju and Priscilla Alvarez from CNN contributed to this report.

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