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How and when will the Tyreek Hill situation be solved? – ProFootballTalk

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Most of the list of the best scenarios for 2019 focus on the events that will occur at the beginning of the regular season. This one focuses on something that will happen before the start of the regular season.

And this is an important issue, given the undeniable skills and abilities of the Tyreek Hill Chief Receiver. The NFL has been exploring the situation for most of the year due to legal issues related to the care of his young son, who was removed from the custody of Hill and his mother. The NFL has explored the situation. the NFL will discipline Hill.

An informed source told PFT on Wednesday that nothing was planned beyond the recent eight-hour meeting in Kansas City. This session was held as part of the investigation; if / when Hill receives an involuntary invitation to New York, it will likely be a precursor to suspension (unless, of course, the Commissioner simply intends to give Hill a stern Ezekiel Elliott style).

Many have guessed what was going to happen to Hill, but none other than the Commissioner or a small circle of his confidants knows what it will be. Based on the four-game ban imposed last year on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith for threatening and emotionally assaulting the mother of his child, Hill said, "You must be terrified of me too, bitch." punishment, especially in light of Hill's story.

Regarding Hill's story, the recent publication of secret comments he made at Espinal at a Dubai airport contradicts his public statements of guilt over allegations that he strangled her and beat her in December 2014, while she was pregnant. Although he has never been punished for this incident by the NFL (more than a year before it was drafted by the Chiefs), the incident hovers over the pending case, which gives more weight to the threat that he recently made to Espinal.

The NFL's personal driving policy also authorizes an additional sanction if the NFL finds that Hill has crossed the front line in punishing his son (whether or not there is evidence that Hill was involved in the fracture of the the child's arm and that there is currently none), and if the NFL believes that the circumstances in which Hill's son was removed from his home are evidence that Hill has had a conduct that "[p]constitutes a real danger to the safety and well-being of another person. "

Regardless of Hill's performance, Hill's (or not) availability for the 2019 season will have a major impact on one of the NFL's best offenses. The answer to this question necessarily becomes one of the biggest scenarios of the season.

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