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How can parents fight "suicide problems" like "Momo" on YouTube?

by Adrian Mojica and Kaylin Jorge

Momo (Photo: IT Crime Investigation Unit)

The "suicide challenge" called "Momo" has raised concern in many countries and serves as a warning to parents about the dangers of your child's media consumption.

The "Momo" challenge can take different forms, exhorting children to commit suicide and even scares them that "Momo" comes in their place.

It has also been reported that videos on YouTube have given children instructions to cut their wrists. A pediatrician recently remembered one of these incidents. A mother said her children were watching a video when a man in sunglasses appeared and gave instructions to show kids how to cut their wrists.

This pediatrician said that he immediately took action and informed YouTube about it, but it took a week before he was removed. Since then, he has also reviewed it this month. The Free Hess pediatrician claims to have found other videos about suicide, videos about sexual exploitation and abuse and even a shootout at a school.

For parents, it is obviously worrying. But you can take certain steps without depriving children of watching YouTube videos for entertainment. The first step is to download YouTube Kids, but select the "Approve content yourself" option.

This selection will allow the parent to authorize the videos that he has watched and approved. Although reading each video approved by a parent may take a few minutes, you will have the peace of mind not to worry about adult content.

In doing so, you will also create an authentication code to allow parents to log in to the application. The last step is to set the parameters and check that the check box "Allow search" is not activated. This will prevent children from being able to search for content that may create surprises.

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