How CBD affects cannabis intoxication at different doses


Take a little CBD, they said. You will feel less high, they said.

This common advice for consumers reluctant to THC can actually bring someone back to reality. It works-sometimes. But new research shows that the solution is probably more nuanced than we originally thought.

Scientists discovered that a high dose of CBD attenuated the effects of a high concentration of THC, but participants reported a higher dose combined with low doses of CBD.

CBD can either attenuate a high out of control or stimulate it. Described in a 2019 study in the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, This paradoxical effect of CBD depends on one often overlooked factor: the dosage.

Scientists discovered that a high dose of CBD (400 mg) attenuated the intoxicant effects of a high THC (8 mg), but participants reported a stronger high when it is associated with low doses (4 mg) of CBD.

CBD up and down button

Since CBD is not intoxicating, many consumers pay little attention to the dose. Of course, there is a big difference between an edible food infused with THC from 10mg to 500mg, but why worry about the power of a CBD-based product that does not harm, even at very high doses?

With the evidence that CBD can affect us in different doses, these numbers are quite important. And this is not only important for over-enthusiastic adults who have eaten too many infused cookies, but also for medical patients.

If you are looking to tame a wild trip to THC, try larger doses of CBD packed oils and concentrates. A small dose may not be enough and even propel you even higher.

In an interview Nick Jikomes, an internal neuroscientist at Leafly, told us that there is still a lot of research to be done to understand the "right" dose of CBD for various conditions and symptoms.

Dr. Dustin Sulak, a prominent cannabis clinician, explains that the ideal dose of CBD can be different from one person to the other.

"As with any other medication, it's best to start with a low dose and gradually increase over the weeks," he says in Leafly. guide on pediatric epilepsy. "When the optimal dose is exceeded, you may notice an early improvement in the beneficial effects (increased side effects or seizures)."

Above you will find the illustrated results from the 2019 study comparing the effect of CBD on high THC when given at low and high doses. Participants sprayed cannabis unknowingly at the dose and CBD: THC ratio they received.

Those who consumed THC and some CBD reported feeling the highest, followed by THC only reports. Those who had sprayed THC with a high dose of CBD seemed equally high initially, but the euphoric effects were reduced in one hour.

So, if you're looking to tame a crazy THC race, try larger doses of CBD packed oils and concentrates. A small dose may not be enough and even propel you even higher.

What is the usefulness of this information?

Although the results of this study highlight the importance of the THC: CBD report, there are still some issues to consider when taking this information and applying it to your own smoke treatment session.

First, do the doses given to study participants accurately reflect what you smoke, vapotate or ingest?

It will take some trial and error to find the perfect THC: CBD ratio for a perfect experience, even knowing the results of this study.

"The dose of THC + CBD (low) was equivalent to the proportions found in some strains of cannabis plants, while the high dose of CBD was chosen to approximate the therapeutic oral doses of Literature, Wrote the authors of the study.

What is not yet clear is whether maintaining proportional ratios will have the same effect if the dose itself is different. In other words, would you need an astronomical dose of 800 mg of CBD to moderate the same way 16 mg of THC?

This study controls variables such as tolerance, but there are still questions to answer. It will take some trial and error to find the perfect THC: CBD ratio for a perfect experience, even knowing the results of this study.

Fortunately, experimentation is part of the fun.

Get a little higher

You can try to replicate the above results by selecting a perfect dose of 8 mg THC at 4 mg CBD, but let's be realistic: such a precise dose can be difficult to find.

Let's try some practical scenarios, knowing that a little CBD can increase this THC:

  • Find a strain rich in THC and add a small flower rich in CBD in your bowl. See how different strains harmonize best.
  • Try mixing the high THC tincture in two parts with the one-part CBD tincture. Use your interior mixologist and be creative with different flavors.
  • Roll CBD oils into your stamp collection. While it may be a bit difficult to define a precise dose or ratio, you can still find that adding CBD to your alchemy is rewarding.

For a balanced high

To obtain the basic effect of CBD, you will have to experiment with larger doses of CBD, which can be obtained with cannabis concentrates such as distillate and RSO.

For consistent keel effects, fill your life with balanced THC / CBD products – edible foods containing 5mg of THC and CBD (or maybe 10mg each, regardless of your custom boat).

Remember, this study aimed to determine how low and high doses of CBD affected the same baseline THC intake. So, what is the simplest solution for a smooth and comfortable smooth output? Less THC to start.

An intoxicating tingle

By itself, CBD is a non-intoxicant compound, so why do study people report feelings of intoxication compared to the placebo group?

"It is likely that these dissociation effects were rapidly induced by the vaporization of this compound, which resulted in CBD with high bioavailability in the bloodstream and, hence, in the central nervous system. that this is probably confused by the dose, "the researchers wrote. "The high dose of CBD induced a big cough; as such, participants were aware that their condition was active (as opposed to the ease of inhalation of ethanol air in a placebo condition). The changes in intoxication could therefore be assumed to be a placebo effect. "

Therefore, if you are concerned about any degree of intoxication, consider using ingestible CBD products instead of inhaling CBD strains and concentrates. Conversely, if you're looking for the slightest tingle in drunkenness, try spraying CBD-rich oils.

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