How Destruction AllStars on PS5 keeps fighting fun in and out of vehicles


PS5 Exclusive and February PlayStation Plus Game Destruction AllStars is a multi-mode car battle game designed to let you cause as much destruction as possible. It is also designed to allow players to get out of their cars and run on foot as one of the many hero characters. Keeping both types of play fun, connected, and meaningful was a key part of Lucid Games’ development on AllStars, and it’s something that has been at the heart of the new game since its inception. Game director Colin Berry told IGN in an interview ahead of AllStars’ launch.And to create these heroes, which were recently highlighted in AllStars’ State of Play presentation, Lucid and Sony XDEV actually wanted to make these characters around the world respectful and authentic where they were based.

“We contacted a group of artists from around the world who don’t work in video games, [people who work in] comics, graphic novels, etc. And we gave them a very simple look at the game and what we thought those characters would be in terms of their personalities, ”Sony XDEV senior producer John MacLaughlin told IGN. “We contacted so many different people from all over the world; South America, Africa, Japan, Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, and we managed to get this wild and eclectic art across with these characters.

Destruction AllStars game modes reveal

And these concepts have found their way into the game thanks to the many diverse artists – key aspects of designing characters like Genesis, which has blades instead of legs, have come from the imaginations of the artists rather than the mandates of the artist. development team.

And while players will spend a lot of time behind the wheel as these characters, one of AllStars’ unique hooks allows players to jump out of their cars and run on foot. Able to achieve unique hero moves, awesome parkour and more, playing with these characters is a huge part of the experience, and it almost always has been throughout development. Although it certainly took some tweaking to get the gameplay right on foot.“For a while in the project we had a really good idea of ​​what the game looks like in a vehicle. We want the vehicles to be super agile, even the heaviest are more agile than what you would see in a racing game, ”Berry explained. “Now we have characters [and] we can’t just make them vulnerable, because then that won’t be fun. But we can’t have them too powerful. We’re not going to give them rocket launches because it’s a whole different game. So we need them to be these hyper-real sports characters.

And as the team figured out how to weave the character and vehicle play together, it also helped the team figure out how to create arenas that would suit both types of play without ever get too far removed from the game. other in the multiplayer-oriented experience.

“We didn’t want to separate the characters from the vehicle too much.”

“We didn’t want to separate the characters from the vehicle too much. We didn’t want a skyscraper, although it might be cool to climb to the top and dive into the arena, because while you’re climbing a skyscraper, the climbing is pretty lonely, ”Berry explained. “If you have 16 characters and four of them are out of vehicles and they’re climbing a skyscraper, they’re not really involved in a multiplayer game at this point.”

Berry explained how, while early test versions of levels could be quite tall and tall enough, Lucid worked to evolve arenas into more focused combat zones to keep players, both inside and out. outside vehicles, connected to combat at all times. as possible.

Players can see it for themselves now, as Destruction AllStars is available on PS5 and is included in this month’s PS Plus lineup. For more on the new PS5 exclusive, find out why Destruction AllStars’ delay helped set it up for a PS Plus launch, and stay tuned to IGN for more on the new game.

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