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Samsung's recovery program is one of the best in the industry because it gives you value today for the smartphone that you will trade on later. In other words, you get the value of your current phone applied when you buy a new phone instead of paying it back several weeks later. It's fantastic when everything is fine.

I will discuss this topic today because we are at the first wave of Samsung's exchanges against Galaxy S10 purchases. We are now starting to see comments on this process and whether or not it went well for those who traded their current phone for a new S10.

I can tell you that, since a dozen times when we used Samsung's recovery program, we have never encountered a single problem. We have just traded an S9 and an S9 + against an S10e and an S10 +, and Samsung has acknowledged that our devices were good. We did the same for Note 9 and S9 when they were released. According to an informal Reddit poll (results) conducted just after the launch of the Galaxy S10, it seems that most people (93%) are like us and are successful.

However, it appears from the small number of emails we have received and the results of the polls on the subject that not everything has gone well for everyone.

You will find many discussions on Samsung forums and reddit publications with problems that users have encountered when they exchanged phones. Although Samsung's reasons vary, we most often see the fact that Samsung does not accept an exchange (the recovery conditions are not met) because they think that you sent them the wrong device ("the model of the device does not fit "). There are also other problems, such as factory resets incorrectly performed, but the "pattern does not fit" is usual.

The model of Samsung device does not match

It's awful for a number of reasons, but the main thing is that if Samsung thinks you've sent the wrong phone, it will not give you the proper credit. One of our readers promised himself $ 550 for his Galaxy S9 + exchange just to receive the dreaded "model device does not fit," where Samsung said it would receive only $ 25. It's a huge difference!

Again, it is obvious that most users have no problem with the Samsung recovery program, but not everyone is so lucky. We thought to open the comments to those who used it to weigh their experiences. The process you followed to succeed in your exchange could help someone else.

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