How does Meghan Markle relax and escape all the drama?


Meghan Markle's life has been filled with drama since she became a member of the royal family. Of course, as a Hollywood actress, she had her share of shenanigans, but since then, the royal things have gone out of control.

With the odds against her and an enemy-filled sea behind her 24 hours a day, how does the controversial duchess separate herself from the "me" time?

Markle loves a good dog

It's not a secret. the Duchess of Sussex has a healthy life at heart. So much so that she quickly started working by encouraging Prince Harry to get up and go back up the first time they moved in together!

One of his favorite workouts is yoga! Markle has been passionate about yoga since her university studies. Her work under the radar was really close to her heart and she now finds that it is the perfect way to calm down and recover.

Although Markle has been doing poses regularly since college, yoga has been a part of her life since she was a child. Markle's mother is a yoga teacher. So it's not surprising that this activity has been with him for so long. Nowadays, Markle does his best to train at least twice a week.

Among his favorite poses are Warrior Two, a dog turned down, a bridge pose, Thread The Needle, supine Twist and a corpse pose. These poses target different areas of the body and, when combined, they are an excellent sequence that anyone can do.

As the Duchess recently told another yoga follower, "It works for the body and the mind; it's so key. "

She also enjoys spending quality time with her mother.

Markle absolutely adores his mother; she is one of the few members of her family who has not become a thug. Prince Harry and his wife made several secret trips to visit Doria Ragland in Los Angeles.

Markle's mother also suspended her yoga practice and her mother's duties to visit her darling daughter and husband on royal lands.

Fortunately, the beloved mother will travel to the UK in preparation for Markle's first child. A royal insider said, "Doria should be here for birth and stay. But then she has to find her dogs and work.

This means that the mother-daughter duo will be under the same roof for a while!

The future grandmother plans to help her adorable daughter raise Baby Sussex. Even if she wants to stay, she has her own life. In the end, Ragland will split his time between his home in Los Angeles and Frogmore Cottage. It seems that these secret trips will be back in the future!

Markle also has a handful of hobbies that calm her down.

When she does not sweat on the carpet, does not make secret walks at Harry's father's, makes only secret romantic getaways with Prince Harry, the Duchess has some other hobbies that keep her calm. On the one hand, Markle's calligraphy is out of this world. Before having his big break in 2011, Markle 's got by juggling with small comedian roles and, you guessed it, concerts as a calligraphy artist!

How is she good? Markle was an artist sought after by some big Hollywood names. She even taught a course at a Paper Source store in Beverly Hills.

She also likes journaling. Obviously, Markle likes to put the pen on paper! This allows him to take out his thoughts. Not only can she exercise her already excellent skills, but she also benefits from the therapeutic effects of the process.

L & # 39; former Suit Star is also excellent in the kitchen. Although she has a whole team of cooks, she still likes to get dirty to prepare meals for herself and her husband.

Once the baby is born, Markle will be occupied by Baby Sussex, but we are sure that she will always enjoy her hobbies to keep her calm so that she can continue to be a wonderful wife and mother.

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