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How has Kate Middleton's friendship with Queen Elizabeth grown over the years?

It is not surprising that Queen Elizabeth has relaxed a little over the years. She was more open and accepted her family's choices. It makes sense that as the world becomes more tolerant, the monarchy should do the same.

There was a lot of speculation about how the queen would manage the woman chosen by her grandson, but it turns out that the worry may not be in vain. Kate Middleton was recently praised for the flawless way she seems to have shown herself to become a queen and fulfill all her tasks. This in the wake of the media comparison between her and Meghan Markle and the apparent favorite of the queen.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth
Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth | Phil Noble-WPA Pool / Getty Images

The two women seem to be as voluminous as thieves, but was it always like that? From their first meeting to the last event they attended, the friendship between Middleton and the Queen has grown significantly over the years. Here is what we think of their friendship.

The first time Kate Middleton met Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton did meet Queen Elizabeth before her marriage to Prince William. They were all present at a royal wedding and the queen came to meet her future daughter-in-law, reports Bazaar.

According to Prince William, they got along very well. At that time in the relations between the duke and the duchess, the press took advantage of it. Queen Elizabeth probably knew things were getting serious and she wanted to meet her.

From that moment until their own marriage, Middleton had many meetings with the Queen. Kate Middleton has all the features that Queen Elizabeth would expect from a future member of the royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge shows her respect

Although Queen Elizabeth has relaxed many of her rules and expectations, she still demands respect. She also believes in tradition and Kate Middleton seems to follow the Queen's initiative.

It's different from the way her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, respects the queen. Middleton grew up in the same culture and seems to understand what royalty is. Since the Queen prefers to keep the tradition and the royal rank, it makes sense that she keeps Middleton by her side.

After all, Kate Middleton will one day be queen wife herself, so she will have to know a lot. Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are strong and resilient. They also seem to have a lot in common.

How has Kate Middleton's friendship with Queen Elizabeth grown over the years?

One of the reasons Middleton and the Queen agree is that they have a lot in common. At the time, Prince Philip would have deceived Queen Elizabeth more than once. There was more than enough evidence. Her husband also lobbied for more power.

Queen Elizabeth never gave in or broke with tradition. In addition, she never divorced or separated from her husband, as this would harm her position. Royals are not supposed to divorce after all.

All these years later, Kate Middleton is going through a new wave of rumors of unfaithfulness with the press, and we can not help but wonder if this helps the two women to create even more links.

It could also be the little things Kate does to make the queen feel welcome and special, like the time she was preparing for her Christmas present. It's a family recipe she learned from her own grandmother, making it a very sentimental gift.

She also strives to make the Queen a valuable part of her children's lives. It's almost like they both realize how precious this time is and nobody wants to squander it.

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