How Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian Family Really Feel About Jordyn Woods' Betrayal

Kylie Jenner is moved by the realization that best friend Jordyn Woods betrayed his friendship by connecting with Khloe Kardashianold handsome, Tristan Thompson.

Although the news that Tristan cheats on her child's mother is not a surprise to the world, people are shocked to learn that the mistress is a close confidante to Kylie.

This is perhaps most surprising for the Kardashian family, who has been a close friend of the model in becoming for a large part of his life. However, this scandal marks the end of a friendship that has lasted for more than ten years. A source tells E! News: "The whole family is writing Jordyn."

Cutting ties with the 21-year-old will be more difficult for Kylie, who, according to one source, "has denied for days".

The makeup mogul "is very torn about how to handle the situation", and for good reason. Kylie refers to Woods as her aunt Jordyn and would have let her friend live in her guesthouse.

Similarly, True's mother is totally "incredulous" about this sordid situation. "Khloe is more disappointed that someone so close to his family is betraying her," says the source. "She can not believe it."

According to an insider, the founder of Good American learned Monday the tryst with Tristan, 21, through a common friend. She then confronted the athlete about the rumors, which Tristan "tried to deny," according to a second source.

Khloe Kardashian


Khloe did not hear him though. "She has heard about it from several people and does not believe it for a second," adds the second source.

"She's more angry than she's sad, and she's shocked that Jordyn is doing this, and she does not understand why Jordyn would make that decision," says the second source. . "Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain."

However, the 34-year-old seemed to be in a good mood when she came out Tuesday afternoon, around the time the news of betrayal was announced. It seems that Tristan's latest infidelity showed to the star that she "deserved better". The second source explains, "She's done."

As for the night of betrayal, the first source information that Tristan and Jordyn were spotted seemed too close to comfort when they went with a "group of mutual friends" to see the rapper Duck and his crew. In mixing with their friends, the source said: "Tristan and Jordyn were really close to each other and they were very flirty."

Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson, Thanksgiving 2018

Tristan Thompson / Instagram

"Tristan had her arms around her at one point," adds the insider.

During the night, the source said: "Jordyn was at his side the whole time they were outside and he laughed and smiled at him."

Things quickly got worse when Tristan invited his friends and Jordyn to return home for a "secret" evening. "Jordyn stayed at Tristan to party with him and his friends until the early hours of the morning, they were very likely," the source said. "They were sitting together on the couch and talking and hugging for hours."

"They had chemistry all night and everyone could see it … You can see that they were one in the other," says the insider.

Jordyn has not yet responded to the accusations.

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