How long will Meghan Markle take off after birth?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are preparing for the arrival of their royal baby in April. And yes, they will take a well-deserved break in the spotlight. That means we will have fewer moments like this ….



And more moments like this!

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So how long will Meghan and Harry be on parental leave? We will not know for sure until it actually happens, but we did some "digs".

First, here's how Prince William and Kate Middleton acted

If you want information on how the royal family takes their maternity leave, the best source is certainly this occasional duchess:



Kate had Three children, and she treated maternity leave differently for each child. For example, Kate barely took her leave after the birth of Prince George (she appeared for the first time a month later), but she took about five months off for Princess Charlotte and about six months off for Prince Louis. Meanwhile, Prince William took two weeks off for George and Charlotte, but did not take paternity leave for Louis. You can see how that happened, based on this very sleepy picture:

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Wait, there is also a really iconic video:

The thing is, the "rules" of England are complicated

Yes, the royals do their own thing, but they usually follow the norm for "private citizens" (re: mere mortals). And while William and Kate (for the most part) have opted for a standard six-month month for mothers and two weeks for fathers, there is also what's called "shared parental leave," where new mothers and new fathers can share up to 50 weeks off. This means that they can either postpone their work time (Meghan would work a week, then that Harry would work a week), or take it together.

So how long will Meghan and Harry take?

It's a bit of theirs! Meghan may be missing the spotlight for six months, or she may show up for the occasional post-baby event like Kate did before her. Meanwhile, the verdict is still 100% of whether Harry will enjoy the split leave, or whether he will shoot a William and continue to go / take a nap during the events. Again, look at this poor, tired soul:

That said, Royal Journalist Victoria Arbiter seems to think that there is a chance that Megs and Harry will share a holiday: "I would love to see a shared parental leave or the recognition of a parental leave. shared, "she said recently Yahoo News. "I think there is so much discussion about equality in this couple, we see it so much in what they do. [Harry’s] very happy to leave [Meghan] lead and he talks about being a feminist and talks about wearing pants and joking about it. But, I think they could lead by example too, I think, could be really very important. "


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