How much does an iPad Mini cost? iPad Mini price and specifications

In short, the new iPad Mini 5 looks almost exactly like its predecessor.

Under the hood, however, it has some improvements: it now supports the Apple pen, so you can use your tablet as a notebook for writing and drawing. It is also equipped with a new A12 Bionic chip, which offers more vivid performance than that of the older A8 chip.

The iPad Mini 5 is available with Wi-Fi and LTE cellular connectivity or with Wi-Fi only. While the Mini 4 is only available for the moment with 128GB of storage, you have a choice between 64 and 256GB of internal storage with the Mini 5. This gives you a few extra options at different prices .

Thanks to the improved hardware and its recent release, the new Mini will naturally cost more than the old Mini 4. The basic 64GB model costs around $ 400.

This is the one you should buy.

iPad Mini 5 7.9 inch (Wi-Fi only)

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