How much money did I earn with a viral video of 10 million views?

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Thank you very much for watching this video. I am 15 years old and I try to improve everyday if it is physical or mental.

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Thank you :).



  1. When you’re thirteen and you workout 2 hours everyday for 3 months+60 push-ups morning,afternoon, and night and your result is a minoraly defined chest 🙁 waste of time…

  2. Go to the chiropractor if your back hurt

  3. “I don’t have guilty pleasures “lol you just had a chocolate Nutella wrap for breakfast

  4. Iam Hungaryan not speak English sorry

  5. Im so confused rn he made that video before this one why is he skinny in here

  6. nutella wrap?!? you’re not right in the head pal

  7. Wow you put the minute mark where it happend aswell? Great stuff

  8. What were all the scratches on your back?

  9. Teach me how to use my toilet properly.

  10. who was a nutella wrap? i might try it

  11. Idk why but he’s so cute but that massage must been nice??❤️

  12. I rate you as a youtuber you are still quite a small youtuber but you are confident and are going to grow. Keep it up bro. Wish I had as many subs as you !

  13. TK MAX for clothes, what a tramp?.

  14. Please can someone tell me the music in this video?

  15. No YouTuber like any other professional will disclose there salary or wage or how much they make per vid

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the Nutella thing look disgusting

  17. I clicked on this thinking it was the ‘welcome to chilis’ vine

  18. Really he just is lazy and cba going the gym. He even spilt the beans when he said “everyday … every now and then” ?

  19. One sub = cure for cancer and 100+ years add t your lifespan

  20. Weird man with a Nutella wrap

  21. The Starts is like How To Basic Your the real oneeeeeee!

  22. massages are tempoary feeling of relief you need a chiropractor
    edit:a chiropractor will know theyre back doctors.

  23. i thought he was that kid from that vine welcome too chilies

  24. That nutella wap looked weally calorwific.