How Noah Syndergaard des Mets can recover as a flamethrower


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West Palm Beach, Florida – Scouts wondered why Noah Syndergaard Was he trying to become more a diver last year than a flamethrower capable of chasing hitters at high temperatures?

Syndergaard said his mission was to become a true power-seeker again in 2019.

"Yes, I've had a crush on the bi-worker last year," said Syndergaard on Monday after eliminating two Astros in his spring training debut, "just because that's what it's all about." It's an artistic throw – it's cool to master it, but sometimes, if you have a small fit in your mechanics, the double crimper could move far too early and it will eventually drift to the middle of the plate.

"So, yeah, I just want to establish with the four-seaman, it was encouraging to see swings and misses against my four-seaman today."

It's the state of mind that he should have, especially the way baseball evolves. Thanks to the launch angle revolution, the batters are more vulnerable than ever to the fast high ball. Mickey Callaway is delighted with the way Syndergaard thinks.

"If he manages to integrate that part of his game, I think it will really help," Callaway said. "The batters just go down on him because he's down, down, down.

"If he manages to raise, even if he swings, it changes the level of his eyes a little and makes his other fields more efficient."

Last season, featuring his two designers, Syndergaard was knocked out. His rate of 9.0 K / 9 was the lowest ratio of his career.

Meanwhile, he only had to watch the success Jacob deGrom struggled to get the batters to run high fast balls, often offering them something else to get themselves blocked. And it's more than 150 km / h, and not the three figures that Syndergaard has regularly achieved during his career.

Video: Syndergaard: The 2019 team gives me goosebumps

Syndergaard was not throwing 101 mph on Monday, as he had done in his spring debut last year, when he was highly motivated to show his equipment to the reigning world champions, but the speed from 98 to 99 mph that he launched on Monday is pretty hard enough. , especially in February.

Syndergaard said he launched with "maximum effort", but he may be a year older and wiser, having had to deal with nagging injuries last season that may have helped to make it less dominant than in previous years.

Heck, the right-handed man even put on a shirt for his post-match press session, unlike last year at this same place outside the Mets club. He even started his interview joking about it.

"I know you're disappointed that I'm not shirtless," he says. Then, noting the overcast sky, he added, "I could not tan."

Conclusion: While Syndergaard likes to show his personality, especially on social networks, he is eager to recover as one of the best baseball pitchers.

He seemed to return to this level in September 2018, when he scored 4-1 with a time of 1.73, reducing his season total to 3.03, but September is not always the best gauge for a team that has long been out of the running. post-season conflict.

Thus, the way it will come out of the door in 2019 could greatly help determine the direction that the Mets will take. If it can go back to the form of ace, with deGrom and maybe Zack Wheeler In addition, the Mets might well understand Brodie Van Wagenen's bold speech that they would be BN's favorites.

With that in mind, I asked Syndergaard if he thought like DeGrom, who, at the same time last year, said openly that he wanted to improve his abilities and win a Cy Young award, before he deliver in a historic way.

Syndergaard was clearly not comfortable with this idea.

"I'm trying to control the controllable, get out and win all the throws," he said. "If it gives me a Cy Young, he gives me a Cy Young, but I'm not going to fix that kind of goal, I'll just go and be the best teammate I can be."

He said that he wanted to keep it simple, which is understandable after the last two seasons. He missed most of 2017 due to a tear in the lateral muscle and its various ailments last year, including fever of the hand, foot and mouth.

Syndergaard especially wants to return to the playoffs and, as such, he seems motivated by the actions that Van Wagenen has accomplished.

"The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtackling this 2019 season as a whole gives me goosebumps," he said. "It fascinates me, brings me back to that feeling that we had in 2015. It's hard to describe with words, but there's a lot of excitement." Many guys hold each other accountable, pulling each other apart. One for the other, trying to get from us the best baseball players we can be. "

For Syndergaard, a return to the fastball could do it.

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