How sausage (herbal) is about to be made – TechCrunch


It's a great year for Impossible . The start of the Bay Area food chain began the year with a new version of its titual burger and announced last week the closing of a $ 300 million fund coming just after its Burger King distribution.

The next step for society will probably not be so shocking for anyone who is immersed in the world of herbal meat substitutes. Engadget spent some time behind the scenes at the startup site in Redwood City and discovered that the sausage would be next on the Impossible menu.

The sound of the breakfast will consist essentially of the same ingredients as the burger patties of the company, until the imitation of the blood. Instead, the amounts of ingredients will be mixed in different proportions, the potato protein being completely eliminated. In fact, the company has a lot of different recipes in the work that are largely reconfigurations of its "platform" product. Imagine it as a modular menu, if you want. Heck, running the same basic ingredients worked great for channels like Taco Bell over the years, so why not health foods?

The timing and all these good things are still to be determined.

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