How the T-Wolves trading No.1 in the NBA Draft could affect the Warriors

The Minnesota Timberwolves hold the No.1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, with the Warriors placed directly behind them at No.2.

Much has been said about the narrative surrounding this year’s draft, which centers on the lack of consensus that the top players and the squad as a whole constitute a “weak draft.” But like

But as Timberwolves president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas told NBA Sports NBA insider Tom Haberstroh, draft classes cannot be accurately assessed until these players are not all in the league for a few seasons.

“I firmly believe there is talent in every draft, but you can’t score a draft for at least three or four years,” Rosas said on “The Habershow.” “This is what makes our job so complicated, it’s not just about picking the right player, it’s about the player chosen in the right system, health, desirability and execution or maximization of this talent.

“The reality is we don’t know. Everyone has a brief account of some drafts, and even this one in particular. “

Rosas also points out to Haberstroh that many lamented the 2013 NBA Draft for not having had much production on the top five players selected, but there were some hidden gems that turned out to be stars.

“People are talking about it, it’s Anthony Bennett’s draft again,” Rosas continued. “And the reality is that the reigning MVP (Giannis Antetokounmpo) was chosen in this project. The responsibility lies with us, we have to make the right choices, we have to make the right choices and find the right players.

While No. 1 pick overall Anthony Bennett didn’t live up to the bill of being a top pick, Antetokounmpo was No. 15 pick and is the reigning MVP and was recently named a defensive player. of the year of this season. The man who won the NBA’s DPOY the two years before Giannis was also taken to the 2013 draft, as Rudy Gobert fell to number 27 before the Utah Jazz finally picked him up.

A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of Rosas and Warriors general manager Bob Myers as top-five draft players enter the NBA with huge expectations. The Warriors are reportedly expected to receive commercial offers for the pick, as Golden State may acquire a more pro-ready player who can help the organization return to contention after a one-season respite from the top of the league standings.

So whether the Warriors draft two-player, trade closer to the middle of the first round, or come out completely in the first round, there are some top-tier NBA talent in this year’s draft class. It is for decision-makers like Rosas and Myers to properly assess and identify this talent.

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