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It was as if it was only last week that I tried to juggle the attendance at an anti-Brexit march in the heart of London and catch as many Treecko as possible during the March Community Day. Pokemon GO (Free). Suffice to say that the battery of my phone was put to the test this day, although the beautiful Sceptile cyan that I had to show for all this was certainly worth the constant battle with the telephone reception. However, as cool as the previous Pokemon GO In April, Community Community Day is by far the best of the year – and perhaps even in the history of the monthly event. That's right – the elusive Bagon, pseudo-legendary type Generation 3 Dragon, is the star of the Day of the community of tomorrow. This provides the perfect chance to acquire not only Salamence, a daring nastiness, but also one of the coolest Shiny variants of the game. You do not want to spoil this golden opportunity, but do not panic; I have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of this amazing April Community Day.

Community Day of April: Key Details

In fact, it feels so early after the last community day because it is much earlier than expected from the Niantic Big Top. Pokemon GO Event. It's been less than three weeks since the previous iteration was probably advanced to try to avoid the hustle and bustle of Easter weekend. Beyond that, there is no big surprise at this community day, which inherits the new unified calendar of the event last month:

All the regions: Saturday, April 13 from 15h to 18h

Although slightly more tedious waiting for the start of the event, it seems that most players have enjoyed the afternoon time, more accessible, especially with a single clear time to manage this time. During this period, the Rock Head Pokemon Bagon will appear in abundance all over the world. Pokemon GO, breeding in huge swarms and normally taking the place of groups of critters that you find in your area. It's a golden opportunity to catch tons of dragon-type monsters and collect tons of Bagon candies, which are essential for feeding the Pokemon and evolving in Shelgon and Salamence. There are also a number of other benefits during this period, including:

  • Shiny Bagon – This green and fresh alternate coloring of the Pokemon has not yet been released in the game and will have about 1/25 chance of appearing temporarily – significantly less than outside of the event.
  • Exclusive Bagon-themed Land Search to catch a number of Pokemon
  • Lure duration of 3 hours
  • 3x capture experience
  • Outrage, an exclusive action of Salamence, is available if it evolves in the hour following the end of the event.
  • Special boxes of the community day to buy in the game shop

Bagon is so elusive that, despite spending too much time in this cursed game, I did not even get one before this event. It is available through Level 1 events, which would be a great opportunity to locate one with strong IVs before the event (although there are many chances to find one tomorrow, of course). All of this highlights the importance of this community day event – and why it's so fun to play with friends. Check out your local Meetup events to see where all the hardcore coaches are heading. this could be a golden opportunity to exchange, make friends and get tips on how to be the best, as no one has ever been. More than usual, this is the best time to use the lucky eggs stored for an experience 6 times more ridiculous than ever. I can still do level 30!

How to add the most powerful Salamence to your party

If my reverence has not been clear enough so far, I can not underestimate the awesome Salamence. Pseudo-legendary belonging to the same group as Dragonite, Tyranitar and Metagross, Salamence is truly one of the most powerful creatures you can add to your party, and its Dragon / Flying combination makes it a worthy competitor even of the legendary Rayquaza . Having its exclusive movement to the event, Outrage is a huge advantage because unlike Draco Meteor, it's a two-bar movement. This allows faster and more reliable offensive production, and gives Salamence one of the best damage statistics per second of the entire meta-game. It's also incredibly cool, making Salamence indispensable for collectors and competitive players.

As expected with the three-step evolutions, Salamance needs 125 Bagon candies to get – 25 to turn Bagon into Shelgon and another 100 to turn Shelgon into Salamence. This is about 30 captures, although this is probably less in practice with the amount of Bagons you will be transferring to Professor Willow during the day. Beyond evolution, it's worth collecting as many candies as possible to power a number of Pokemon in the future, to ensure a strong presence of Salamence in your team. As Bagon are usually so rare, there is really no better time to store its candies; If you have the ambition to get serious about the most competitive aspects of the game, I really can not underestimate the importance of this situation during the day.

Like Sceptile, it should be noted that Salamence has also been equipped with a powerful Mega Evolution in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. This notoriously transformed an already dominant Pokémon into an absolute beast, which ultimately resulted in Mega Salamence being completely banned from the usual metagame. According to rumors that Niantic would introduce Mewtwo forms into the game in the near future, it only remains a matter of time before Mega Evolutions makes its debut in Pokemon GO. The usefulness of Salamence will only increase when this happens. Making the most of the April Community Day is a good way to prepare for the future complex meta-game of Pokemon GO.

Find a perfect shiny bagon in the wild

Just look. Transforming the original Salamence – already an absolutely gilded example of the best Pokemon creature drawing – into a sprawling green beast, was in my opinion a real master shot of Game Freak. In addition to her body that blends even better with her crimson wings, there is just something about the strange, almost blue, green color that resonates so strongly for me. In the name of my already tenuous professionalism, I will try to pull myself together and continue the guide, but as for Shiny Pokemon Go, Salamence is by far one of the most emblematic.

With a brilliant resurgence rate of 1/25, you will probably encounter a few. It is therefore interesting to ensure that you have the most powerful and powerful Salamence by the end of the April Community Day. The community of r / TheSilphRoad – which I highly recommend to follow throughout the event, if it is not generally, as they are a fantastic source of all things Pokemon GO – have set up a chart that identifies the PC of a perfect Bagon in nature. This is useful in the last hours of the event, because when you have enough candy, just click on each Bagon and check his CP or if he is brilliant. Otherwise, go ahead and continue your search. An interesting quirk that I discovered last time is after you hit the Bagon, it will tell you where you are on the map of the other world. This means that if you have met a particularly large number of critters, you know which ones you have already checked. That said, it's worth catching as many as you can to get the most out of the triple-deal bonus of the day.

With the introduction of PvP action, you may be inclined to recruit a Salamence into your team. Although I generally advise against this, since Salamence is a more offensive Pokémon, better suited to raid battles, it may be helpful to search for specific PC levels to ensure your Bagon is in the correct league – these are also displayed. in the useful table above. If you are incredibly dedicated and / or mobile, Bagon will benefit from windy weather conditions. Although this is done at the cost of harsher captures and even more aggressive Pokemon behavior during the capture process, this will result in more star dust and more CPs to capture. You can also use sweets on the Pokémon, which you will probably have in abundance during the Community Day, but the option is there for those who like the cold on cold and windy Saturday afternoons.

Phew – I think that's pretty much everything. If you are planning, the next four community days will be held on May 19th, June 8th, July 21st and August 3rd. You will have a little more time to recover and recharge this portable battery before I blame you. with the May Community Party. I think it will be either Torchic, Turtwig or Chimchar – let me know any assumptions you might have in the comments, and share your best captures on our animated Discord server tomorrow. Good luck, coaches – a beautiful, bright Salamence is only hours away.

[Source: r/TheSilphRoad]

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