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The MAC-10 and akimbo Diamattis are used by almost every player in Warzone Season 1, but if you fancy using something different, here are the best alternatives.

Although the MAC-10 and Akimbo Diamattis were nerfed on January 6, many players felt the changes were not enough. Weapons are still used in almost every loadout, so the loot pool has stale stale.

If you’re looking to try something else in Warzone, we’ve made a guide to the best alternatives to DMR 14, but you might be looking to trade in your secondaries too.

So here are the best secondary weapons you can use in place of the MAC-10 or Akimbo Diamattis in Warzone Season 1.

Cold War AK-74u

You can get your CoD 4 nostalgia by using the fan favorite AK-74u. While you can convert an AK-47 to a 74u in the gunsmith, it wasn’t the real deal.

Black Ops Cold War AK-74u

Now you can bring this fan favorite weapon to Warzone. This is one of the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and is also a very effective secondary in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

It was the range potential to outperform the MAC-10 or Diamattis, so try to stay away from CQB situations and you’ll have a great time using the AK-74u. Check out our guide to the best attachments here.

Cold War MP5

Before the R9-0 became the Warzone meta, Modern Warfare’s MP5 was one of the most used secondary weapons in the game. With incredible accuracy and decent range potential, the MP5 was the go-to weapon for players of all levels. Black Ops Cold War has its own version of the MP5 which was added to Warzone with integration in December.

The new MP5 has a faster TTK than its MW counterpart, so it’s worth using. Either MP5 is viable, but we’ve been using Modern Warfare’s MP5 for over a year now, so why not try something different? Use attachments that improve the mobility and recoil control of the MP5, and you will be a winner.

Modern Warfare R9-0

In a meta-changing patch, the MAC-10 and Akimbo Diamattis were added to Warzone, and the R9-0 was removed from their throne. He received a little nerf that reduced his ranged damage and made you have to land more pellets to kill.

If you’re extremely close and hit your shots, the R9-0 is still an incredibly powerful shotgun. The one-shot kill range has only been lowered by about a meter, so as long as you’re precise you’ll find the dominant R9-0 in CQB. Check out the R9-0 meta load here.

Modern Warfare R9-0

Modern Warfare AS-VAL

Although the AS-VAL is an assault rifle, it has one of the highest kill times in Warzone. With the Diamattis receiving a nerf on January 6, the VAL got even better.

Pair it with a long-range weapon like a sniper or tactical rifle, and you’ve got a great close-range weapon.

modern warfare AS-VAL

You can follow our guide on the best AS-VAL version for Warzone here.

So, if you’re tired of the Warzone Season 1 meta, here are the weapons you should try and you might find your new favorite.

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