How to Claim Your Share Apple’s $ 9.75 Million Powerbeats 2 Settlement

These are the Powerbeats Pro, but the Powerbeats 2 are the ones you might be eligible for a reward for.

These are the Powerbeats Pro, but the Powerbeats 2 are the ones you might be eligible for a reward for.
Photo: Adam Clark Estes / Gizmodo

If you’ve bought a pair of Powerbeats 2, you might be entitled to some soft cash as Apple agreed to settle for $ 9.75 million.

To get this moolah you can go to trial website and submit a complaint form online (or if you prefer postal mail, you can also download a form). To be eligible, you must have purchased Powerbeats 2 the headphones will not be resold until August 7, 2020. You have until November 20, 2020 to deposit. Some people may have already been notified by mail or email with a claim ID number and confirmation code. If you have you can visit This site and enter these two numbers.

The trial, titled Simmons et al. against Apple Inc., alleged that the Powerbeats 2 were faulty because they couldn’t hold a charge even though you barely used them. The plaintiffs also claimed that not only did Apple distort battery life, but also that they were not sufficiently resistant to sweat and water. Finally, the complainants alleged that Apple would not properly repair or replace Powerbeats 2 during the one-year limited warranty period.

It should be noted that although Apple accepted the settlement, in a court notice, he denies[d] each of the allegations of unlawful conduct, any wrongdoing and any liability whatsoever, and no court or other entity has any judgment or other determination of liability. Basically Apple is paying to make this go away and maintains that it hasn’t done anything wrong.

So how much are you going to earn? It depends. Of that $ 9.75 million, lawyers are expected to receive just over $ 3.7 million. The remaining amount will be distributed to anyone who submits a claim. The actual amount shown will also depend on the number of people filing claims and whether you can provide proof of purchase or whether Apple has a record of your attempted warranty repair or replacement. There is a “point system” which is described in more detail on page 5 of this document, but the maximum a person can receive is $ 189. Engadget cites lawyers in the case who also said people with proof of purchase or repair will receive around $ 76 and $ 38 for those without.

This isn’t the only class action lawsuit recently settled by Apple for which you may be eligible to claim money. In July, Apple also settled $ 500 million on the iPhone limit. If you haven’t already, you can also submit a complaint for an estimated amount of $ 25 until October 4, 2020.

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