How to close applications on the Apple Watch and other troubleshooting tips

Whether to satisfy the decluttering or to perceive the notion of preservation of the battery life (a point that has been discussed, although it does not prevent me to scan – inactive applications, let's start!) Closing apps on your Apple Watch is as simple as closing them on your iPhone.

Here we will explain how to close applications on the Apple Watch and some general troubleshooting tips when the watch applications do not work.

How to close applications on Apple Watch

Press the side button on the Apple Watch to view your apps.
Abigail Abesamis / Business Insider

  1. Press the side button to view the Dock of your open applications.
  2. If no application is open, the message below says "Recently used applications appear here". Otherwise, you will see a list of windows representing various applications (as shown above). You can scroll through this list by swiping the watch screen up or down or by turning the digital crown.
    If you have not used any apps recently, you get this screen.
    Abigail Abesamis / Business Insider
  3. Swipe left on the open applications you want to close. This will move the window to the left and reveal a red "X".
    Press the "X".
    Abigail Abesamis / Business Insider
  4. Press the "X" to close the application.

Troubleshooting applications that quit unexpectedly, crash, or do not open

Apple support offers many tips for applications on its various devices. Below, we detail some of these tips for solving problems related to applications specific to the Apple Watch:

  1. Force to leave the application by holding down the side button. This will display the power options of the watch. Press and hold the digital crown to exit the application.
  2. Restart your Apple Watch by holding down the side button, sliding the button to the "Shut Down" option, and then holding down the side button until the Apple logo appears. To force the reboot (as a last resort and only if your watch does not respond and is not being updated), hold down the side button and the digital crown, then release them when you see the logo Apple (at least 10 seconds).
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of watchOS.
  4. Delete and reinstall the app by opening the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap the "My Watch" tab and select the application you want to delete under "Installed on Apple Watch". Disable "Show App on Apple Watch" to remove the application. To reinstall, scroll to "Available Apps" and press Install.
  5. If all else fails, contact the developer of the application. Use Apple support if it is an Apple application or, if it is created by a third party, contact the developer of the application.

How to save battery on Apple Watch

Closing apps will not extend the battery life of your Apple device, according to Wired. However, Apple offers several tips for "optimizing the battery life" on its devices, including updating your software and activating the power saving mode. Here's how to do these two things on the Apple Watch.

  1. Make sure your software is up to date. To do this, open the Watch application on your phone, select the "My Watch" tab, press "General", then "Update Software".
  2. Activate the energy saving mode when you are exercising on foot or on foot. This will disable the heart rate sensor, which will preserve battery life, but the number of calories may not be as accurate. To activate the energy saving mode, open the Watch application on your iPhone, press the Workout application and activate the energy saving mode.

For more specific tips on the Apple Watch battery, visit the Apple website.

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