How to Enroll in the Phase 1B COVID-19 Vaccine Group in Maricopa County


As the news came from health officials in Maricopa County announcing plans to start vaccinations for priority people in Phase 1B, officials explained how to schedule your appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccination schedule for Phase 1B in Maricopa County is expected to open Jan. 11, according to the Maricopa County Public Health website.

The eligible populations included in phase 1B are:

  • K-12 school staff and educators
  • Law enforcement / protective services *
  • Adults 75 and over

People in phase 1B must have an appointment to get the vaccine and no appointments will be allowed, according to their website.

To schedule your appointment on the Maricopa County Health Department screening website starting January 11, click here.

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The screening website says priority will be given to those who meet certain requirements and that participants will be notified of vaccine availability, according to the website starting Jan. 7.

County health officials are asking priority people in Phase 1B to provide the following details on the day of their appointment:

  • Confirmation of appointment
  • Some form of ID confirming your employment in Phase 1B, such as a work ID or pay stub, or ID showing your age if you are 75 or over

The county health website also indicated that people working in law enforcement / protection services or working in education should check with their employers before making an appointment with the website. county health screening. Employers may have more information on other vaccine distribution plans based on an individual’s job, the website reads.

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