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Following the Fight Night Collection event update, data miners searched Apex Legends game files for more details on upcoming content. New details on the Season 8 collection event, Anniversary, have been found, including new skins and an interesting change in heirlooms.

With Apex Legends Season 7 now in its final months, players are looking forward to Season 8. We can expect to see the usual balance changes, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and cosmetics. A reliable Apex Legends leaker has now posted information on upcoming skins and heirlooms.

Unlike previous collectible events, the Season 8 anniversary event will apparently add a new legacy. Instead, players who complete the collection will receive 150 Heirloom Shards, to select a specific Heirloom from the current pool.

Here’s everything we know about the leaked Season 8 Anniversary Collection event.

Apex Season 8 Anniversary Collector’s Event

Apex Legends Mirage Heirloom
Respawn Entertainment

We may finally be able to reclaim the legacy of the Mirage Trophy.

According to Shrutgal, a renowned Apex Legends leaker known for his precise leaks – the new season will include an anniversary fundraiser event. This event will allow Apex Legends players to purchase any previously released Heirloom of their choice, if they complete the collection.

Usually, collection events add a new legacy to the current cosmetic pool. But, on this occasion, while you will still need to spend the appropriate Apex Coins / open enough packs to complete the collection first, this new event will give you the choice of a Legacy.

The downside is that it indicates that there will be no new inheritance in the event. That’s not to say that a new legacy couldn’t come at some other point in Season 8. Potentially for Bangalore.

Apex Legends Season 8 Skins

Just like with every Apex Legends update, Season 8 brings plenty of new Legends and Weapon skins to the table. According to Shrutgal, all legends – except for the most recent three – will receive an “anniversary” recolouration.

Additionally, all Iron Crown Legendaries except Wattson will receive recolors in the Season 8 first event and have the codename “Eoswar”. While the majority of the game’s skins aren’t textured, you can see three of those skins below:

Anniversary ‘from the Ashes’ Lifeline recolor

Anniversary Outlands Warrior Bangalore recolor

Recoloring the Anniversary Bone Saw

Of course, while these leaks are from a reputable source, it’s often best to take them with a grain of salt.

After all, Respawn has been known to turn things around ahead of the official release of every update. However, this upcoming anniversary event could be huge for those looking to get their hands on a specific cosmetic, or skin they may have previously missed in a new color.

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