How to make a viral video with a pencil


My friends, it's a little different from most of my videos, but a commentator talked about "How to get rid of an annoying neighbor with a pencil" by Homesteading Off The Grid, and I wanted to say why Think that this video has become viral, how to duplicate some aspects and why it is the videos that are at the heart of YouTube.

Original video if you managed to miss it.



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  1. This comment is a compliment, just in case I do a poor job of writing it… I laughed so hard at this, because you got it just right. That guy drove me crazy.

    I haven't heard this close of a match since Ben Stiller did that parody of the John Gray book about positive affirmations.

  2. I think loving our neighbours is a "pain-point" for a reason. God made it part of a commandment knowing it's going to be a challenge. It requires sacrifice. Something the upcoming generations know too little of these days.

  3. "Tune in tomorrow as I LITERALLY show you LIKE how to Do A HoStiLe TaKeOveR ThRoUgH the ATM 🙂 emoji if you don't know how to use your words…." Okay I will dial down the snark…sorry.

  4. Yeah, this video I could not click away from. It's applicable to writing. Reminds me of social psychology and marketing strategies.

    I understand what you're saying, though, Frank, about YouTube. I believe in that kind of YouTube – the kind that real people put together and where real people share their talents, passions, words, ideas, inspiration, grief, joys. Where there is discussion, when there is expression and response, you've found what YouTube should be.

    By the way, Frank, you might have said this already in a previous video, and I just missed it, but if I may ask, did you ever consider going into an area of psychology when you were getting a degree? Even marketing or the like. I guess I'm just curious why you might have gone into Accounting. Please ignore this comment if you don't want to answer that.

  5. I hadn't watched this crayon video before your video talking about it. He does seen like a likeable guy people would connect with due to just being down to earth. The back story about serving and going back to it alot to me demonstrates he's probably a bit traumatized and the neighbor issue triggered that. I could understand that. If I fought, I'd be annoyed in his shoes too. As far as the crayon, who's to say he really used one at all? He mentioned having a child so it's certainly possible. But why not a sharpie? Well maybe he did use one and just put the word crayon in the title for a draw. Totally possible. Nevertheless people that live off the grid are cool with me. I have friends that have been doing it for 4 years now up in Northern Ontario and it truly fascinates me.

  6. Nice reenactment. It was funny because I hadn't watched the other guy's video so when I watched it it seemed like he was the one imitating you :D. Just one thing though… You were missing the red lawn chair 😛

    I see how you continuously strive to reach out to a broader audience as well as to improve your video production skills. Let me just say, your drive and commitment to the art of self-expression through video are admirable.

    Did you have to go far to find a place that bore resemblance to the guy's homestead or is that field close to where you live? Even if it was just for the sake of accuracy I gotta say, that's a beautiful place, so peaceful and serene… I'd get lost in thought in a place like that. I'd maybe even write a novel 😉

  7. I wonder how many people will hear at least the subtle whisper of this guy telling you he's wasting your time for views. Also, having no ads, that I saw makes it just that more manipulative. Pretty brilliant. Youtube is a business and I'm sure certain creators will keep reeling in those empath s and I N F J's. I'm sure you'll hit 20,000 soon, bra. It's not personal LONG THOUGHTFUL PAUSE, it's business.

  8. The way you talk reminds me of Criss Angel, except your magic lies within speaking truth rather than playing into the power of illusions.?

    I found you from the “INFJ Brutality” video; I’m currently an INFJ who has reached the breaking point with certain people. But ever since I discovered you a few days ago, I’ve been addicted to listening to your rambles.
    Thank you! It feels good to be understood.
    ?? -Porsche

  9. seeing you outdoors and not in your set up makes you more human. all of your videos are genuine, but there’s something about seeing you fiddle with your hat and hearing birds chirping in the background that makes this video feel more like a conversation than a vlog. i feel like a friend quietly listening to you talking about something that’s bothering you and it’s different. very human and very endearing

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