How to play at the secret mission of the casino 'Under the Influence & # 39; from GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto players can now access another secret mission at GTA Online Casino and if you want to know how to play it, you're in the right place.

Rockstar Games opened the gates of its mecca of the game on July 23 and players place bets on all sorts of different games, including horse races with Inside Track, roulette tables and even a number of card games.

However, not everyone will know that there are a small number of casino missions that are hidden from view. There are two, to be exact.

GTA Online Screen Capture

There are tons of games in the GTA Online casino, but there are also secret missions to play.

The first one we reported on August 15 was entitled "Damage Control", which we thought was the only Easter mission for the casino. This requires players to drink as many Macbeth whiskey shots as possible from the casino's open bar until they enter the mission directly.

However, another has been discovered and is called "Under the Influence". As its name indicates, you will need to drink even more to gain access, but you will not have to lose it completely this time.

GTA Online Screen Capture

You do not even need to drink at the casino bar for this new secret mission.

Unlike the first hidden casino mission that requires you to drink inside the building, this one can be unlocked by visiting any bar on the GTA Online card. Just buy a few drinks at the bar until your character gets very drunk, but not out of consciousness, and take out your iFruit phone.

From there, go to your contacts and call Miss Baker, where you will have the option to choose the Ask a Job option. It's possible that this does not work for you every time, but here's how to unlock the hidden mission of the casino – as shown in the Influx YouTube tutorial below.

Once the operation is complete, your character remains drunk during all the work. You will then need to collect a target vehicle for a casino customer.

If you already thought this type of mission was difficult, try it when you're not sober.

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