How to re-sign almost everyone, bring in key veterinarians

2019 is the perfect storm for the small number of us brave financial elements of the NFL. Over the last six years, I stood at the top of the mountain and shouted to the valleys that there was no such thing as Cap Hell for the Dallas Cowboys under the current collective agreement. In the last two years or so, people have realized that teams can enter into long-term contracts to create flexibility for the signatures they want to sign.

With limited space in recent years, the Dallas Cowboys have made tough decisions. Sign the guys you like by stirring money, tell the public that you are not interested in the free agency market and that it is done, the entry pass is granted.

Things have changed in 2019, my boy.

Due to the aging of many of their stars, the window has opened and the Cowboys have plenty of room to play. Currently, this figure is about $ 48 million with a projected cap of $ 190 million.

The Cowboys are a good team that did not win but are able to become a great team if they add the right pieces. They already have a handful of high level players already under contract and a series of really good players for excellent players ready to hit independent players this season, next season and in 2021 as well. Again, this is the perfect storm to test the theories that have been presented year after year.

So how does Dallas do it? Who should they ink now? Who do they need to let wait? Who can they bring?

Most of the time, the projections live in a vacuum, with little regard for what happens with everything that needs to be done.

Not here.

Here, in Cowboys Wire's 2019 Off-Season Manifesto, we'll extrapolate the three internal total value projections we've given and how Dallas can structure its free agent transactions and contracts to be competitive over the course of three years. next seasons.

The three-year window is what a team should focus on. If Dallas does not win in three years, he should take stock of whether to blow things up at that time. Not everyone will survive and they should be more than agree with that.

Let's dance.

Dallas will have to leave some of his players this season. This is a league reality in which they exist.

Do not re-sign

Cole Beasley: Beasley has been Cowboys' best catcher in recent years. He's an EPA monster, but you can tell he's about to do his job elsewhere. We had planned a $ 22.44 million three-year contract for Beasley in October, but Dallas then acquired Amari Cooper and started to entrust him with much of what he had done to Beasley, blocking the 11th place in several games. He left.

We are not resigning from DT David Irving, RB Rod Smith, Geoff Swaim, FB Jamize Olawale or OG Marcus Martin.

Free these guys

Sean Lee: Lee said he wanted to play in 2019, but his time was spent with the Cowboys. Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith have it here. Dallas will not be able to trade Lee, so free him early and let him find a new home. He could work on a much cheaper deal, but they should withdraw his base salary of $ 7 million.

Jeff Heath: Health is a liability at the end of the day, period. Save the $ 2 million salary and spend it for security that can help you.

Brett Maher: He is not good.

Total Savings: $ 9.6 Million

Hunter Chris Jones is with me on a very thin ice. There should be a camp battle for the Grand Prix, but he would have saved only $ 800,000, which is why he was not included here. Minimal gain. I would release Allen Hurns and spend that money for a more prototype slot receiver, but it seems that Dallas is planning to keep it.

Now that the dead weight has been removed, it is time to move on to the next one. Here is an overview of key figures that we believe would make Dallas a legitimate claimant, but not just what should happen this year, but the next few years.

We identified the contract status of each player during the 2021 season, depending on how the team should proceed. Later, we will indicate the values ​​to prove that everything would work.

Dallas Cowboys Triennial Plan: Offense

Player 2019 2020 2021
Dak Prescott New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
Amari Cooper New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
Ezekiel Elliott Current 5th year ??
La'el Collins Current Market
TE Free Agent New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 Market
FA WR New Deal Y1 Market
Backup QB FA New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 Market
FA RB backup New Deal Y1 Market
Allen Hurns Current Market
Tyron Smith Current Current Current
Zack Martin Current Current Current
Travis Frederick Current Current Current
Connor Williams Current Current Current
Michael Gallup Current Current Current
Choice of the first round 2021 New Deal Y1
Matt Bryant New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 Market
Cape Town expected $ 190 million $ 200 million $ 210 million

Dallas Cowboys Triennial Plan: Defense

Player 2019 2020 2021
DeMarcus Lawrence New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
Byron Jones 5th year Franchise Market
Jaylon Smith Current Call for tenders R1 New Deal Y1
Randy Gregory susp Current Orig. Rd. Call for applications
Antwaun Woods Current R2 R2 Offer Call New Deal Y1
Xavier Woods Current Current New Deal Y1
Tyron Crawford Current Release
Chidobe Awuzie Current Current New Deal Y1
Jordan Lewis Current Current Market
Anthony Brown Current Market
Free agent of security New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
FA RDE New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
FA 3-Tech New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
FA CB New Deal Y1 New Deal Y2 New Deal Y3
Choice of the first round 2020 New Deal Y1
Leighton Vander Esch Current Current Current
Cape Town expected $ 190 million $ 200 million $ 210 million

Obviously, it's not all the positions in the team's 53-player list, but the rest can be completed with selections and players whose pay is close to the league minimum. It is safe to say that if the Cowboys can fit all this into their budget, they will be able to form a competitive team.

The two most important points to remember here are that RB Ezekiel Elliott and CB Byron Jones will not be extended this season. They could very well in real life, but for now, my recommendation is that both are waiting.

Ezekiel Elliott

We have already defined the Elliott extension, but it is not urgent to rework his contract.

Initial appearance of Elliott contract:

Year Base salary Total Bonus Cap hit
2019 $ 1,000,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 8.69 million ($ 4.09 million of the rookie agreement)
2020 $ 7,500,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 11.1 million
2021 $ 13,725,000 * $ 3,600,000 $ 17.325 million
2022 $ 9,725,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 13.325 million
2023 $ 11,725,000 $ 3,600,000 $ 15.325 million
2024 $ 15,725,000 $ 15.725 million
TOTAL $ 18,000,000 * = functional guarantee

He won a contract among the top 5 recruits. He is therefore not underpaid and the team will adopt the fifth-year option this spring, effectively retaining it within the year 2020. If some of the independent player moves lose, Dallas may not have their man then there is a stronger possibility that this extension is happening now.

For this year, we are going to give Elliott the fifth year option in 2020 and our 20 year cap for the second year. If a long-term agreement is reached, it will likely be reduced. roll.

Byron Jones

Here is the thing with Jones that gives me a break in the distribution of a heavy extension. After the team lost a few years playing with him safely, Kris Richard brought him back to the corner corner post and he flourished. First. Jones did not allow a touchdown in the first 12 games, but he was beaten regularly throughout the season and playoffs.

He has given three touchdowns and 22 receptions in the last six games, with no points and 24 receptions in the first 12.

It would be wise for the team to force him to prove it again. If so, they will be able to attribute the deductible attribute to it in 2020 to work toward a long-term agreement. Regardless of the space available to Dallas, they will still have to be cautious.

Follow the jump to see how Dallas sits after signing its top three priorities …

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