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How to remotely follow your Android phone

If you've lost your phone or want to follow a phone connected to your Google Account, there's a simple way to do it: Google's Find My Device, which remotely tracks your Android phone and plays a sound. above, lock it and erase the data if you wish.

This is not Google's first phone tracking company, though, and it can be a bit confusing when you watch it for the first time. So we've created this guide to help you track any Android phone or tablet you're connected to.

Do not forget that this technique does not always work and that the phone should be turned on with a signal, data or location to work, but it is a useful way to find a lost phone.

How to track your Android phone

The first thing you will want to do is go to Find My Device, the Google tracking website. Search for it in Google or simply click on the link above to get there.

Then you will need to sign in to your Google Account using your email and password. It should not be too difficult, as long as you remember.

Then you will be presented with the site. At the top left, you will find a list of the devices you are connected to. You will probably only have one or two, so it is likely that the right device will already be selected. If not, click on it here.

The following is a list of options for the phone, but you can ignore them for now if you're just trying to follow a phone.

Most of the page is occupied by a large map, with a pin on it – in the hope, it is directed directly to the location of your device.

If Find My Device can not locate your phone, you can try again by clicking the round arrow next to your phone's image, which will cause the tracker to retry. Hope this time he will find your device.

What can you do once you have located your phone?

If you have found your phone and can easily recover it, the crisis is avoided!

But you may have to work hard to find your handset. The first option is Sound Playback, which allows your device to reproduce a high-pitched sound for up to 5 minutes. If someone is near your phone, it will warn you that you are looking for him, so hopefully he can help you.

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To help communication is "secure device". This allows you to lock your handset and sign out of your Google Account. You can also leave a message to a person who finds the phone, including leaving a phone number to a friend or family member so that the rescuer can contact you.

Sometimes you may have to choose the nuclear option, but if you have an idea, you will not be able to recover your phone. Clear the device completely erases everything from your device, including logging out of your Google Account. If you click on it, you can not go back. This is an irreversible option. Only do it if you know that there is no hope of getting your phone back.

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