How to talk about brand logos and labels


How to talk about brand logos and labels
What's up all good guys fly? Today, we are all talking about the impact of labels on your personal brand. I do not know if you know, but I'm looking at the men's and women's fashion week to spot trends for the season. It is necessary to see what will be available when I make my personal purchases and determine what will start to affect the fast fashion stores. But more importantly, it's the perfect time to see what can be reintroduced into my own style and when I work with others. And since the style is cyclical when what pleases me is important again, I can gather everything I need in the new expression.
But for most trends, it is enough to persuade them to believe that they "need" to buy something – which they do not do to keep pace with the "jones". And one of the recent trends that have resurfaced is that of labels and logos. Now, if you grew up in the 90s and 00s, you will remember to wear your fubu shirt, with your Girbaud jeans, your 50/50 hat and your new Air Force helmet if you did not have it. money to give you a Gucci t-shirt, a belt and sneakers. At the time, people were so obsessed with labels that they seized designer fabrics and put them on their shoes. Not to mention Dapper Dan. I will not lie I thought about it but I could not justify the price. And while the "hood" was doing that, many designers were despising him. Jumping into the fall / winter season of 2019, the designers adopt it by affixing their logo.
But what does that say about your personal brand? At a time when influencers have almost as much power as celebrities and people are trying to express their own individuality, what do you say about someone else 's branding on you? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
That's what we're talking about today!
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