How to test the beta version of Microsoft's new Chrome-based Edge browser

Microsoft has launched public testing on the latest version of its Web Edge browser, which it relied on Google's open source framework "Chromium." Not only does it mean that Edge should (supposedly) work better with sites built to modern web standards, but it also means you can run Chrome extensions in Edge, making the browser much more bearable than previous versions.

According to Microsoft, the new Edge will be similar enough for existing users, although there are some fun additions (support for data synchronization between Edge instances, as well as the aforementioned extensions). In addition, expect to encounter bugs and other technical issues as the new version of Edge is only available through two of the three branches of Microsoft's beta: "Dev", which receives Weekdays, and "Canary", which receives daily updates.

If you're ready to use the beta and try the new versions of Edge, you can download them through the Microsoft Edge Insider site. Click on the button next to your desired construction and download it. For now, the Chromium-Edge beta is only available on Windows 10 at the moment, although versions for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 "are coming soon", as is a version for macOS. You can sign up for Microsoft Edge Insider to receive a reminder when your favorite version of the beta is coming online.

If one or the other of these versions seems too disturbing to you, Microsoft says that more stable branches, including a "beta" version that receives updates every six weeks and an even more unstable branch "Stable", will be available soon.

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