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How to try Android Q Beta 5

If you're curious about what the Android Q experience will look like, but you've been slow to install a beta version of Android Q, it may be time to try the latest version, released aujourd & # 39; hui. Not only will this iteration of Android Q be "very close" to what you will discover in the full public version of Android Q, as described by Google, moving to Android Q is a great way to thwart boring applications from collecting data that they should not otherwise. to be able to access.

What's new in Android Q Beta 5

In addition to a new dark theme for the Pixel startup screen and the usual performance changes, Android Q Beta 5 brings some modifications to gesture-based navigation controls, a defining feature of Android Q. It's This includes:

  • A new "Peek" gesture, in which users can tap the screen to call a small tab for the navigation drawer, which can then slide to open. This should limit the chance of accidental entry of a "back" gesture when you actually want to open the drawer.
  • You can now access Google Assistant by diagonally scanning in the lower left or right corners of your screen.
  • Adjustment to adjust the sensitivity of the reverse navigation gesture: the higher the sensitivity, the easier it will be to slide the edge of the screen to go back. (The OS warns you that higher sensitivities may conflict with some applications if you use a similar gesture to activate other functions.)
  • A disappointing change is that Android Q Beta 5 abandons support for gesture navigation on third-party launchers. Although you can use the PC-based commands to activate them (XDA has a guide to do so here), and that Google has confirmed that the final version of Android Q supports gesture commands for third-party launcher post-launch, the option is inaccessible in the drop-down menu. The settings menu of Android Q Beta 5 if you are using a launcher other than Pixel for the moment.

How to install Android Q Beta 5

Android Q Beta 5 is currently available for all Pixel handsets. The easiest way to try it is to sign up for the Android Beta program, which we've already talked about here. Once you're there, installing the beta is as easy as doing a system update.

Now, since that is a beta, there is always a risk that something on your device will not work properly due to bugs or late application support If you install the beta but want to cancel the update, you can come back pretty easily to Android 9 Pie.

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