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Far Cry New Dawn is now available, allowing players to return to Hope County and see the consequences of Far Cry 5. All this can be done with style, since the silent protagonist also comes up with a number of customization options. However, a lot of fans may want to add to their collection very early on is the Sam Fisher outfit from Splinter Cell.

The first standing, Far Cry New Dawn players will need to unlock Expeditions, missions that take gamers out of Montana to search for resources and supplies. Fortunately, unlocking them happens quite early; players must continue to reduce them until they go to the "Government Plane Wreck" mission, which will be the fifth. Players will want to get to the front of the plane from the start (and not the one with the truck inside – the other the front end).

At lower levels, there will be a table with a laptop sitting in front of a huge screen. Interacting with this laptop will allow players to get the costume. Far Cry New Dawn players will want to head to the front of the room and head to the top floor once that is done. Make sure you do not climb above the plane because it will be too far.

In the upper floor room, players will see Sam Fisher's reveled outfit and interact with her to retrieve it. It should be noted that Far Cry New Dawn players must complete the Expedition in order to be retained. It will therefore repeat this operation if the player dies before the end of the mission.

Unlocking this costume will also give Far Cry New Dawn players "Paladin's Secret" Achievement / Trophy, so this is a goal that all finalists will want to participate in and hopefully it also means that a new Splinter Cell is on the horizon. An analyst of the gaming industry predicted that we would see a new entry in 2019, but only time will tell.

Far Cry New Dawn is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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