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How to watch the multiplayer gameplay of Modern Warfare – the announced feeds

Top Twitch broadcasters have announced that they will present the very first look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer gameplay on July 11th, unveiling a brand new mode.

The revelation will unveil a brand new type of game called "Gunfight", described as a 2v2 mode – perhaps reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3's face-to-face modes.

LEGIQN, CouRage, TeePee and Syndicate streamers will participate in the live broadcast of live gameplay on their Twitch channels at 10:00 am (1:00 pm, 6:00 pm MST).

Until now, no game has been unveiled for Modern Warfare, with only the original trailer that fans can speculate.

The streamers have also confirmed that there will be other "CoD ads" during the broadcasts, which will make them essential for fans who look forward to the release of October 12.

For your convenience, we have integrated the Twitch feed below so you do not miss anything from the action.

The only multiplayer details we have so far for Modern Warfare are two screenshots shared by Infinity Ward at the release of E3.

It's not clear if there will be more details on other aspects of the game – like the highly anticipated Spec Ops mode – so you'll just need to tune in to find out.

Although developers have been silent since E3, leaks have continued unabated, with a handful of YouTubers claiming to have inside information on what to expect from the upcoming Infinity Ward game.

Some leaks have even suggested the establishment of a royal battle mode, which has elicited mixed reactions from fans.

While some are happy to get more content, others would prefer developers to concentrate on the three main modes; campaign, multiplayer and Spec Ops – with an emphasis on multiplayer in particular.

District of infinity

The new Modern Warfare is a "soft reboot" of the original trilogy.

It is not controversial to say that some recent versions of the franchise have left much to be desired in the multiplayer department, and with more competition than ever in the field of online shooter games, Infinity Ward will know that there is a pressure to offer something special in October.

As always, we will have all the most important news about modern war coming here on Dexerto.

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