Huawei CEO says Android alternative is "probably" faster but needs his own app store

Huawei does not rely on Google for its operating system.

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At the end of June, Donald Trump said that he relax restrictions This prohibited US companies from doing business with Huawei, a Chinese technology giant. When exactly will that happen, we do not know, like Huawei still seems to be blacklisted by the Ministry of Commerce. The most damaging, prohibition means that Huawei can not use Google's Android software. But it seems that Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, does not count on his return to the Android family.

Zhengfei recently spoke with French magazine Le Point about HongMeng OS, an operating system created by Huawei to reduce its reliance on Google's Android operating system. Zhengfei reportedly said that Hong Meng OS would be "probably" faster than Android, citing a report from GlobalTimes, managed by the state, which indicated that it was 60% faster.

While Zhengfei has boasted that HongMeng is designed to connect to multiple devices, including phones, cars and data centers, he acknowledged that Huawei lacked a serious alternative to the Play Google Store and Apple's App Store. Huawei is now working to create this alternative.

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The comments of the CEO mean that, regardless of the fact that Huawei is removed from the blacklist of the Ministry of Commerce, Huawei will probably continue with its own operating system. Although some of the company's phones use Qualcomm chips, most of its flagship phones contain Huawei's own Kirrin processors. The company's contract with the US government aims to make it more autonomous than ever – so HongMeng can compete with Android, that is to say.

A spokesman for Huawei did not comment on Zhengfei 's statements, but said: "Today, we are still attached to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. use, we will prepare a plan B to use our own operating system. " Last Monday, a company executive told Huawei "that he will wait for the advice of the Ministry of Commerce" regarding Android.

Huawei News Building Its Own Operating System broken end of may, shortly after the ban on using Google's software. In June he started to market the HongMeng name and invited developers to publish their apps on their App store App Store.

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