Huawei / Honor's official statement]Future Huawei phones apparently would not have access to Google services, including the Play Store.


Last week, the United States added Huawei to its "list of entities", which means that US companies can not deal with Huawei without the explicit approval of the government. A report from Reuters claims that Google is terminating most of the partnerships with Huawei and that the future phones of the company will not have access to the Play Store and other services.

Reuters says Google has stopped providing Huawei with hardware and software products, except those covered by open source licenses. In other words, although Huawei can still use Android itself, most proprietary services will be inaccessible, including Google Play Store, Gmail and probably anything else that requires the closed source service framework.

The exact details are still being discussed internally at Google, according to a source that spoke to Reuters. This decision could also prevent Huawei from updating its existing phones, as updates can not be recertified for Play Store access, putting the security of Huawei device owners at risk. While security updates are part of the AOSP and are still available for Huawei, the Android WebView system is updated through the Play Store, and Play Protect is an essential part of Android services from Google.

If that were true, it would be a critical blow to Huawei's smartphone business. Although the company may theoretically associate with non-US companies to offer alternatives to Google's applications (or use the internal operating system it has been working on for a long time), lack of access to the Play Store would be a disadvantage major for any potential. buyers. Huawei already has clones of many popular services in its home country, including an application store, but most of these services are currently limited to China.

We contacted Huawei and Google, but no company has yet provided a statement. Since the publication of the initial report, Engadget and The Verge have confirmed the details independently.

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