Hubanda Police Departments of Miranda Lambert take off on foot patrol thanks to the attention of the media

Miranda Lambert

Officer Hubby is on foot patrol

… thanks to the attention of the media


Miranda LambertThe police officer's husband learns the hard way – you can not marry someone famous without being noticed … and his 9-5 is Exhibit A.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Brendan McLoughlin – who normally walks off Times Square – was temporarily reassigned to a more secret position because the media was harassing him in public while he was being watched.

The new attention has a meaning. Miranda has just announced that she secretly married Brendan, who seems to be out of nowhere. And, seeing that Times Square is a kid's game for cameras, it's obvious that he'd be hard pressed to work now.

In fact, Brendan was photographed with Miranda a few days ago – wearing their wedding rings, no less. If he can hardly have a break on a Saturday, M-F will not be easier.

As for what triggered the reallocation, we learned that an important TV media had opened Monday on the steps of the office in the south end of New York City, asking to speak to Brendan. He did not go out to talk and the reporter was turned away.

We were told that the brass had seen the writing on the wall – especially with Brendan on the street. Our sources say that Brendan will be put in the place of a driver at the moment. He will drive his superiors for a few weeks while things get worse.

Think of it as one last thing that honeymooners have to face – not to mention the distance between their respective bases. It's amore, however.

The NYPD did not comment.

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