Hudson Yards' Photo Policy Sheds Online Criticism


Hudson Yards

We paid Getty for this photo, but who does it really belong to?

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

If you're tempted to take photos or video atop the ship in the Hudson Yards in New York, get ready to give them your rights.

The massive structure, open late last week, includes 154 communicating stairs. It's in Hudson Yards, Manhattan's new development, which includes shops, restaurants and outdoor spaces. Internet users are already critical of Vessel's photography policy, which states that Hudson Yards may use any image, audio or video created or uploaded by visitors and showing the structure.

Visitors must also accept that all photos, videos and audio taken from the ship become the property of the company.

"As the owner of the recordings, the company has the unconditional and irrevocable right (exercisable by the company or by third parties on behalf of the company) to reproduce, display and use the recordings. , including for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes, on all media and formats, whether known or further developed ", read the terms and conditions.

This (as well as the ship chawarma appearance) did not sit well with a lot of people on Twitter.

"The ship at Hudson Yards is a scramble, stairs to nowhere" are ready for Instagram and have rights to all the photos you take. Secure bag, " a user wrote.

"Anyone thinking of going to the ship at Hudson Yards, please click on the link and read clause 9 of the terms and conditions," said photojournalist Gary Hershorn wrote on Twitter. "They are making an incredible seizure of rights on all social media posts.They should not be allowed to steal and own your work."

Hershorn also issued a warning on Reddit, warning visitors to post on social networks.

"Heck, if I read correctly, if you pass by and that a random stranger takes a picture of you that gives the company the right to use your likeness," replied one user.

"I'm not sure about the legality of what they say, but apparently, if you post a photo of the ship … or the ship … you give each company the right to use your name / likeness / whatever it is for any purpose, "wrote another Redditor.

A representative of Related, the real estate company that developed Hudson Yards, said: "The goal of this policy is to allow Hudson Yards to amplify and repost photos already shared on individual social channels via our handy site used in almost all major attractions and we wanted to communicate too much, be transparent and disclose to all users, and refine the language to make it clearer. "

The representative added that the general conditions will be refined to clarify that passersby are exempt from the policy.

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