Humans Fear "Zombie Deer Disease" Spreads to US – National News


(WTHR) – Medical experts are worried about the spread of a deadly disease in the United States.

KSNT, an affiliate of NBC, announced that the disease, known as "zombie deer disease" or chronic wasting disease, was infecting the brain, spine and elk or moose tissues.

According to the CDC, the disease begins by infecting proteins in the brain and passes through contact with bodily fluids and contaminated tissues.

Symptoms include wasting due to forgetfulness of eating, excessive drooling and stumbling. Unfortunately, there is no treatment or vaccine and the disease is still deadly.

But now, the CDC is sounding the alarm about the potential for infection of this disease by the disease. Experts fear that the disease is transmitted to humans through the consumption of deer meat.

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, has spoken with lawmakers from the state of Kansas on his fear that this spread to humans will not happen soon.

"It is likely that human cases of chronic debilitating disease associated with the consumption of contaminated meat will be documented in the coming years," Osterholm said. "It is possible that the number of human cases is substantial and not an isolated event."

For the moment, there is no known case of chronic debilitating disease in a person.

However, the CDC warns the public to test venison or elk meat for the disease before eating it.

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