Husker QB Adrian Martinez leads the red team to victory in the spring in front of Memorial Stadium | Soccer

LINCOLN – The red team, consisting primarily of first and second players, beat the White Team 24-13 in the spring scramble in Nebraska on Saturday afternoon.

In front of 85,000 spectators, it was mostly a defensive window. Erik Chinander's side of the ball forced two fumbles, collected seven sacks, 13 tackles for defeat and three interceptions.

Sophomore Adrian Martinez played the first half only, completing 5 of his 9 attempts for 110 yards. Martinez led the red team in a 75-meter touchdown game to open the game. Heisman's hopeful completed 2 of the first player's 3 assists and scored on a 6-yard run. Martinez then found Jaron Woodyard in the end zone on an 18-yard touchdown pass.

After the first half, Martinez hit the rest of the game.

After a hype, Brody Belt led the red team with 13 runs for 53 yards. Jaylin Bradley, an Omaha product, averaged 4.8 yards per race, including 57 for the white team. Defensive coach Ryan Held has often said that in recent weeks, it was a decisive spring for Bradley. Maurice Washington was not at the spring match, but in California he dealt with legal issues.

The alleged replacement, Noah Vedral, had a good performance, scoring 144 yards and an interception. Vedral led the red team on two drives in the last five minutes of the first half, both of which ended with goals from Barret Pickering.

The sophomore kicked in 27, 33 and 45 yards in the first. Since October 13th, a Nebraska uniform is missing from Northwestern.

The red team was leading 24-6 at halftime.

Young rookie Luke McCaffrey struggled to survive and only managed one of eight crossovers. But the freshman walked 10 yards in six races. Quarterback Andrew Bunch had a handful of reps, completing 9 of 21 passes for 80 yards and one interception.

Matt-Masker scored the only other touchdown of the day when he found Wyatt Liewer scoreless for a 55-yard touchdown.

Quayshon Alexander led both teams with seven tackles. Rookie Casey Rodgers recorded 1.5 sacks and four tackles. Linebacker Alex Davis recorded two sacks, two tackles and one interception that was ruled out.

As usual, the game is over on a bag.

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