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Husker staff offer full support to coach Dewitt

At the Husker Sports Nightly 's head coach' s radio show on Wednesday, Scott Frost released the news that Huskers was in front of the linebackers coach and the special teams coordinator. Jovan Dewitt is fighting against a form of throat cancer. "I'm sure people would have noticed that he would not participate in full-time spring training," Frost said. "He has a form of cancer in his throat, which, according to doctors, comes from an illness he had contracted earlier in the year that caused the onset of cancer. 39, a virus. "

Frost says that he will be at least limited in what he will be able to do during spring practices, but the initial diagnosis has been "pretty good" until now and what There is a "high percentage of chance that it is a curable type of cancer."

All staff offer his full support to coach Dewitt during this time and know that he is looking forward to returning to the field as soon as possible. "He's fighting well right now," said Frost. "He is doing everything he can to win and he's got us all behind him, we're looking for him and we're going to get by without him.

"I know he's going to want to be on the field and do everything with the team and that he's going to do everything he can, but he has more important things to do now." . "

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