HW News – The Next Console APU, Markethare GPU and AMD # RIPDer8auer

This episode of news on the hardware follows the rumors of APU specification of next generation console. We are also talking about Steam's hardware survey, which shows the market shares of graphics processors and processors.
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Our flagship article discusses AMD semi-custom APUs that will set the tone for next generation consoles. After that, we'll see how Der8auer recently released its RIP GN results (congratulations for the score, Roman) and how we must respond. You can find this on the Der8auer chain. Intel also makes the headlines and talks about the Spoiler exploit and SSD H10. IDC and Gartner also speak (again) of the shortage of Intel processors, sharing this time their beliefs about the broader impact on the market.

The video of Der8auer: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = 5-x6z …

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