Hymn Early Access Release is live – but only for certain players


Anthem is not officially released until next week, but members of EA's various membership programs can play it starting today, February 15th. If you are a member of EA Access on Xbox One or Access Origin on PC, you can access the site. the game one way or another at the moment – it's a bit confusing, hence the table below showing when and how you can play on each platform. You can watch a game excerpt from our livestreaming in the video above.

Now that the game is online, some players have reported server issues earlier in the day and EA Help's Twitter account responded that he is aware of the problem and is working to solve it. Errors include those that tell players that linking has failed and that no server has been found or is currently unavailable. In another update, the EA help account says it has "solved connectivity issues," so everything should work properly for everyone. We will continue to monitor other issues that may arise.

EA also described the slightly complicated steps for find the trial itself on the EA Access concentrator. You will need to go through the hub rather than the EA Access area in the My Games and Applications section.

  1. Open the hub and refresh it (LT, RT and Y).
  2. Go to the anthem.
  3. See the game
  4. Click on the 3 points and select Play the evaluation version.

Both Access programs offer a 10% discount on purchases, but both offer a different level of advance access. The EA Access program offers only a 10-hour trial with progress that will be carried forward into the main game if you choose to buy it. Origin Access also offers a 10-hour trial, but if you're a Premier member, you can start playing the full game right now. The PlayStation 4 does not have an Access program, at least not yet, so it has to wait until next week to start playing.

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As part of the Anthem publication, EA is partnering with District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp to create an original short film taking place in the universe. If you're curious about how Anthem will last in the long run, check out BioWare's roadmap for the content of the final stage. And if you just need help navigating the world of pre-orders, bonuses and special editions, read our pre-order guide. Anthem will be available to everyone on February 22nd.


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