Hymn Guide: How to clean your javelin


Anthem It may be all the loot, but what is the point of having perfect weapons if your javelin does not look good? Even though a good job of painting can do wonders to clean your javelin, the real key to a beautiful suit lies in the wear the state.

The javelin wear states determine the appearance of your javelin at bat and at battle. You start the game with only the Old and Dirty options. But the best options allow you to show your Javelin paint job with the Standard, New, and Clean wear states. You unlock them in this order when you earn loyalty levels with the Freelancers Faction.

To retain freelancers, you will have to fulfill contracts and missions of the faction. If you want the highest reputation to win, complete each mission.

The other way to gain loyalty is to have conversations with freelance NPCs inside Fort Tarsis. Here are the Fort Tarsis NPCs who can make you loyal to freelancers:

  • Prospero
  • Yarrow
  • Sayrna
  • Marelda
  • Jani
  • Neeso Giles
  • Mathias
  • Aunt Cardea
  • Jarek Arnel
  • Lienn
  • Sev
  • Max
  • Haluk
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