I Did My Dad Rate The Strangest Viral Videos On The Internet Ft. Shayan Roy

Shayan makes his father look at his list of the strangest YouTube videos. Find out what his dad thinks is the most bizarre video of all!



  1. Can anyone plz give me the watermelon link

  2. Oooo Shayan !! In love with your dad….he's super duper cute and soooo good looking ??

  3. U forgot hello friends chai pilo lol??

  4. Shayans dad is awesome ??????

  5. Shayans dad more weird than you? ?

  6. Yeah pls do another video its really good ????.tanaj

  7. I was confused
    Except the watermelon thinking

  8. Shyaan Should've said "your generation" when thay laughing yoga guy came on??

  9. Please make a video on present generation's "K-POP Addiction".

  10. First video was of how to basic

  11. When I read the title, I knew howtobasic HAD to be there
    Like if u had the same feeling


  13. His dad looks like those flipkart kids ???

  14. Listen the song “angel”

  15. "So are you saying poppy is infact not poppy? Maybe her name is just Poonam." what

  16. Next time 2 girls one cup

  17. Shayan can sing and he's totally hiding the fact, but secretly wants the world to know! SING FOR US SHAYAN BB!

  18. "Not a saas thing" ??????

  19. That last guy looks more like laughing Yoda

  20. Seen like at least 10 times and can't get enough of it

  21. rip watermelons you will be remembered

  22. You should definitely make more videos with your dad Shayan!?

  23. The video was toooo funny to me….

  24. You should have showed him the chai peelo video ????

  25. How can Teher Shah's Angel not be here? ?

  26. Yes yes yes with daadi tooo

  27. Shayan's dad is cuter than Shayan! <3

  28. His dad is so cute!! He’s what I’ll show people if they want to see what a Bengali father is like lol