"I have never slept with anyone unless I wanted to."

Despite the perceived cultural advances, thanks to the #MeToo movement, the legend of country music Dolly Parton still believes that much work remains to be done.

"I think there will always be a long way to go. It's just a work in progress, like life itself, especially for women in the workplace. So I think that's why we're here, with the #MeToo movement, "she told Sky News in a recent interview.

While discussing her best-selling film "9 to 5" and her account of the treatment of women at work, Parton said, "This has raised again the subject of workplace harassment and the fact that women still do not have the chance to do everything they can or what they're paying, you know, equal for the work they're doing. So all these problems remain. I really think that when it came out in the '80s, it really did a lot of good. He really shed light on that. "

The hit musical based on the movie "9 to 5" (Broadway) is now attacking the West End of London.

Parton, 73, also revealed that she had never been victimized like other women.

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"I have six brothers, my father and my uncles. I've always been close to all the men in my family. I have known many great men. So, I did not think about it much. Of course, I've been hit all my life, as would any girl – but a lot of that, I've always taken as a compliment. I have never done anything to try to progress in the business. I have never slept with anyone unless I wanted to.

She also told the same speech that she knew "more good men than bad guys in my life" – and that there were "a lot of bad women in this world too".

She also said, "I never found myself in one of those positions or I tried to stay out of these positions, and if I was in that situation, I was lucky. I had a great personality and a very good sense of humor. my way out – and if I could not do it, I have a temperament and a spine that allow me to get out of it differently. "

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