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I keep pixel 3a because it's plastic – Droid Life

One of the benefits of this job is the access I have to almost every phone on the planet. I'm going to test all the good ones, many of which are handy on my desk right now. The OnePlus 7 Pro from Almond is next to me with its big and beautiful 90Hz screen that I can not get enough of. The Pixel 3 and the Galaxy S10e are also present. The drawer on my left contains a 3-pixel XL, various older phones from Google, OnePlus, Samsung and LG, as well as an Essential phone or two. They are all here, but I keep finding myself on the weekends without reaching any of them. Instead, I continue with the cheapest phone I've used in recent years, the Google Pixel 3a.

There are a number of reasons to grab the Pixel 3a or the Pixel 3a XL, but as the title indicates, I like the fact that this phone is plastic. It seems strange to say, but it's true!

With a plastic phone like the Pixel 3a, its use dispels the constant worry I had with phones in recent years. All new high-end phones are made entirely of glass, which means that they are fragile and virtually require you to seriously consider a deal. They require you to keep each of their investments because, if you are not careful, the glass will crack or scratch. And I do not like the cases! I like the design of the phone. I'd like to feel a phone, not a piece of plastic or leatherette or cloth on top of the device that Google, Samsung or OnePlus have spent hours creating after dozens of prototypes and d & # 39; 39; samples.

The Pixel 3a can be placed on almost anything. Of course, we are worried about the presence of liquids, because this phone is not water resistant, but with a plastic case, it is usually more durable. I do not feel like I need a holster. It's great because I found myself putting on phone cases for the first time in my life on a regular basis. I would not do that.

Pixel 3a

As phones continue to grow and add glass, do you know how heavy some of these things are? The OnePlus 7 Pro is incredibly heavy because it has a 6.7 "screen and a fully glass case. The pixel 3a weighs 147g. The OnePlus 7 Pro weighs 206 g. It's crazy!

In addition, I do not feel the need to hesitate before placing the phone in the holder of my car or giving it to my son, to use for a moment, to run or to sit on a table during a workout or in a bag. or pocket. Of course, the phone will eventually have a daily effect. I know that all the plastic will not save the display of a pocket on the ground. I know that the Pixel 3a still needs to be maintained, it's just that the level of care is not as high as that of a fully glass phone.

Now, this plastic is only acceptable because the rest of the phone experience is too. The Pixel 3a is equipped with Google's own software that gets the updates before everyone else, the phone's performance is good for a $ 400 device, the display is quite pretty, and the camera has the best of all smartphones. If some of these things were not present, this phone would be at the bottom of a drawer.

But from today, I tell you that plastic is everything, if done correctly. The Pixel 3a is a fun phone. This has helped me to worry less and use a phone more as a tool than as a technology that I need to provide endless care.

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