I made the most garishian Porsche 911 2020 with the configurator


All image credits: Porsche

The online configurator of the Porsche 911 2020 is online, which means you can now lose about half an hour of your sailing day by browsing through the options of your new Carrera S or Carrera 4S theoretical.

The configurator, like all other Porsche configurators, offers more choices than a standard menu. I started by painting my big and beefy German Carrera S Orange Lava ($ 3,270) because I love bright colors. You have plenty of time to be mundane when you are dead.

Wheels! Wheel time. I think the wheels are very important because they take a lot of space in the picture when you look at the profile of a car. Of the four options available, I opted for the RS Spyder Design set ($ 2,540) because they look like metallic spider webs and remind me of Halloween.

I'm not a pagan and I would like to have something more than a bucket in my new 911. So I opted for the 14-position Power Sport Seats with Memory package ($ 2,330). I do not need 18-way seats because none of these seats will help me see better over the hood of the car. As much as saving that extra money for something else. I can be smart, but I'm always practical.

Outside, I left practically everything else except that I removed the model designation ($ 0) because I'm a main actor and I do not need people to know which model I'm using. I have 911. Plus, I checked the box for a rear wiper ($ 370) because I find it's a very nice luxury.

Since there is no manual option yet, I was forced to take the 8-speed PDK ($ 0). I also chose the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control ($ 3,170) because I had tested it in the 718 Cayman GTS and that it was really amazing. Yes to the rear axle steering ($ 2,090), sport exhaust system with exhaust pipes in black (like my soul) ($ 2,950) and composite ceramic brakes from Porsche ($ 8,970). I do not need the brakes, I just wanted the yellow callipers to go with the orange paint. I'm going for an aesthetic Charizard here, you see.

And in a dissonance movement, I gave the car both active management of the Porsche active suspension ($ 1,020), which dropped 10 mm and the axle lift system before ($ 2,770) because I wish it lower, but I also do not want it to continue climbing anyway.

I'm not the biggest fan of driver assistance systems, but I really appreciate ParkAssist ($ 1,430), Lane Keep Assist ($ 1,220) and Adaptive Cruise Control ($ 2,000).

Inside, I have the ionizer ($ 400) for the end of the world and the air filled with ash, seat ventilation ($ 840) for sweaty buttocks and the Seatbelt in green lizard ($ 540) because it is the color that goes best with orange and yellow.

All in all, my Charizard Carrera S came out at $ 150,260. Can you do better? Visit the configurator here.

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