"I really do not believe it": a Lowell child dies after being discharged from the hospital at home

Lowell, Mass. – A Lowell family thought they had a sick child and would bounce back immediately. Now they are busy with his death and planning funerals at their temple.

The state said Puthiraskmey Sopheak was the third flu-related pediatric death in Massachusetts this year. His father is incredulous a few days after his death, because of what officials call complications of the flu.

The state says this 4-year-old is the third pediatric flu-related death this season. Sopheak's father says that his daughter started getting sick last week.

"Monday and Tuesday, she was hot, and I took her to the hospital," he told 25 News in Boston.

The father said the doctors at Lowell General Hospital had sent the child home on February 12 with instructions to take Tylenol.

"I go home and give her ibuprofen twice a day, she feels better," he said.

Last weekend, the family brought the child back to the hospital when the symptoms came back. The father says that his daughter had bowel problems when she was younger and their doctors at home in Cambodia await the results of the final test to determine if the death was related to the flu. The child has just moved to the United States a few months ago.

"All my family, they do not believe in. No one to believe, I really do not believe it," his father said.

The visit will take place at Glory Budhist temple at 15h. Friday. The funeral will be held the next day.

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