I see that your wireless password is adopted early

WPA3 is a year old and there seems to be some flaws that remain to be solved, though it still may offer better protection than WPA2. Inquirer describes this flaw in the handshake on simultaneous authentication, dubbed Dragonblood, in this recent article. This is not a theoretical architectural flaw, because the researchers who discovered it could use it to brutally force a password in eight lowercase characters representing about 125 USD in Amazon EC2 instances; not good for a protocol that was meant to prevent all dictionary attacks.

The good news is that a change in the SAE algorithm could mitigate this specific loophole and that WPA3 is not yet widely adopted, it is something that could be done before starting to integrate with the general public.

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"Launched in January 2018, WPA3 uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol to improve the security of WiFi networks, but a new research paper by Mathy Vanhoef and Eyal Ronen shows that the protocol may not be as safe as" 39, it was previously thought. "

Here are some other new techniques on the web:

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