"I was happy to do it for you"


Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Was observed discussing his threatening tweet about Michael Cohen with President Trump on Wednesday night.

According to Edward-Isaac Dovere, an editor at the Atlantic, Gaetz spoke to the president, who was in Hanoi, Vietnam, for telephone interviews with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"I was happy to do it for you, you just continue to kill him," Gaetz said above his head.

A spokesman for Gaetz did not immediately respond for comment. The congressman told Dovere that he was not discussing his conversations with the president.

Gaetz responded to Dovere by calling him false news.

The night before Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Gaetz asked Cohen on Twitter: "Are your wife and father-in-law aware of your friends? good time for this cat.I wonder if she will remain faithful when you will be in jail.It is about to learn a lot … "

Gaetz then deleted the tweet and apologized for the comments that many considered a threat to Cohen. Gaetz's apology came in response to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Reprimanding Gaetz for her comments and suggesting that they be reviewed by the Ethics Committee from the room.

During the hearing, at which Gaetz attended although he was not a member of the oversight committee, it was reported that the congressman had been the subject of a investigating his tweets about Cohen by the Florida State Bar.

On Wednesday night, Gaetz tweeted that he had apologized to Cohen. "Regardless of the disagreements, family members must be protected from attacks by representatives, senators and presidents, including myself – let the Cohen family alone," he said.

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