ID @ Xbox Game Pass Independent Games Showcase Set for March 26th


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ID @ Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced [email protected] Game Pass, a live stream featuring the upcoming independent games on Xbox Game Pass. The first episode will begin March 26 at 9:00 am Pacific time / 12:00. AND.

Here is a preview of the show, via Microsoft:

In this show, you can expect to learn about some of the hottest [email protected] titles coming to Xbox Game Pass with new revelations, game highlights and developer conversations. Fans will be able to watch our very first episode here.

In our debut, we will dive into the games previously shown at E3 and X018. Expect successes such as After the party, Bastards of the Void, and Shriek Supermarket to be highlighted. In addition to announcements of new games, we will also share a visit to Night School Studio, the creative team behind the hit game. Without Oxen, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their next match After the party. Extra bonus internet points if you tweet to tell us about your advanced frisbee college classes.


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