If you love your dog, do not show them the lion king


Screenshot: Lion King Teaser (YouTube)

Before you buy your furry friend a ticket for the next The Lion King remake, consider that Mufasa's death scene has the ability to traumatize more than children. Dogs are also suffering. If you need proof of this fact, look no further than this. recent video Twitter user Dustin DeBerry, in which his precious dog expresses his displeasure at seeing the great king fall under the hooves of wildebeest.

Before thinking that DeBerry's dog is exceptionally empathetic, can we introduce you to Room B.

It has always seemed particularly cruel to include the scene where Simba tries and fails to wake up his dead father, and the dogs, oddly enough, seem to be able to understand the sheer tragedy of that moment. Of course, we do not know if Mufasa's death will run the same way in the remake, but the teaser released last night seems to indicate that this is a perfect reworking of the 1994 classic. So, save maybe your dog's sorrow and put something a little lighter. Like, Pixar up. Oh, wait. It does not matter.

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